Search Results Toolbar and Actions

The new Search forms in eCellar provide a powerful tool to create targeted customer lists and result sets based on filtering data related to customers, orders, memberships and payments.  The result set of any search type can be used to to create reports and target recipient groups for email campaigns. At the result list, use the options available in toolbar to continue working with the data set, or refine the search further by adding more criteria to the search form.

Search Results Toolbar

The results page also contains controls that allow you to the following:

  • Change the sort order for your results by using sort options in the results table header
  • Page through results
  • Modify the number of results that you see per page
  • Jump back to your search criteria with the Refine Search link
  • See a read-only view of your search criteria by selecting the View Criteria link
  • Rerun your search by using the Rerun Search link

The page also shows the date/time that the results were generated. Results for each type of search are cached. (Which means it's stored in your browser history during the user session.)  This allows you to view results, page through them and even leave the page; then when you return to the page it will include the same records that were found the last time that you ran the search during the same session.

For example: if you run an order search at 3:15pm and it returned 25 records, the IDs of those records are stored in cache. If you then use the Admin Control Panel Menu to go to Search > Orders > View to load results, the same list of orders will load from earlier.  If the orders were modified after running the search, the results will still be in the list, but will display their most current data. To re-run the search, click the Rerun Search link or  go to the search form and re-submit it.

When viewing the search results lists, each result is displayed in a detailed card view.  Use the column headers to sort results.  And, find all available actions for the result set in the  Select Action menu; you'll find familiar functions like Bulk Modify and Export. 

Search Results Toolbar Definitions

Refine Search Go back to the search forms and change, add or remove criteria.
View Criteria Toggles a display of all search criteria used.
Pick Records Toggles check boxes to select specific results to take action with in the [use results] menu.
Switch Results Change the output type based on the existing search.  All searches can be switched to any of the five search type results; customers, orders, payments, memberships or reservations. 
Save Search Save the current search. These can later be loaded, or found in Search Tools.
Rerun Search Without returning to the search form, rerun the query and update results. (Refer to the date/timestamp to see when the current search was most recently run.)

Note: The View Criteria function will toggle the display of all search criteria entered into the forms and is a very handy way to double-check that the information matches your desired results. 

Select Actions Menu

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