Orders Overview and Terminology

The Orders component of the Admin Control Panel (ACP) allows you to search for and work with orders beginning with Search and View functions. Criteria includes order create dates; funds captured dates, and shipping status, billing status and  by revenue channel. You can further refine your search by allocation or club events and specific products, and many other data points to capture precise search results for workflows and reporting.   

Order Detail Terminology

Order ID Order number, unique identifier, assigned by database.
Order Source Revenue channel (also called Order Channel).
Create Date The date an order was created.   
Billing Status Paid, Credit, Refunded, Partial Paid, Authorization CC, Billed, Cancelled, Declined CC, Not Paid, Void.
POS Terminal Tasting Room registers have a Terminal ID number.
Sales Rep Who created the order.
Funds Captured Date Date funds were collected, and order billing status becomes Paid.
Payment Record The detail of the payment(s) saved and/or processed.
Payment Type Cash, Credit Card, Check, PO.
Ship/Pickup Date Date the order is intended to ship or date order was picked up.
Ship Status Unshipped, Hold Ship, To Pick Up, Exported, etc.
Ship Method Description of the ship code and carrier.
Ship Code Unique code to designate how the order will ship (UP2, FXG, etc).
Fulfillment Company The actual Ship From Company (In-House, WineShipping, Copper Peak, etc).
Close Date Used to lock data in an order, and can be used to trigger integration with an accounting system.

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