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4 articles

POS User Guide

Sell Wine

overview and guide to sell wine and process orders in the POS

18 articles

Customer Information

at-a-glance and detail views to edit customer records and find orders

5 articles

Payment Processing

cash, check, p.o. and credit card payment options

5 articles

Voids, Returns & Credits

use the action menu to process voids, product returns and payment credits

3 articles

Order Actions and Settings

how to find, edit and take actions on existing orders, like process pickups

9 articles


finding, selecting and managing products in the POS

2 articles

Registered Terminals

tasting room POS settings, daily workflows and hardware configuration

11 articles

Sales Reps

quick user change menu, user settings, and how to override selected sales rep

3 articles

Everything Else

discounts, compliance, sales channels, inventory locations, notes and tags

8 articles

Admin Control Panel Guide


8 articles

Getting Started

Welcome to eCellar!

2 articles

What's New!

stay up-to-date with new features and recent updates

8 articles

Work with Orders

edit and process, ship statuses, tags, reports, exports and workflows

27 articles

Customer Records

how to create, modify and manage customer records

21 articles

Email Campaigns

email broadcasts for daily and club joins, marketing, sales and more!

18 articles

Manage Products

create, view and manage for pos, allocation, club and website

13 articles

Define Ship Rates

shipping zones and methods for daily orders created in pos and online store

3 articles

Wine Club

build and process wine club batches, manage membership subscriptions

23 articles

Allocation Module

create allocation offerings and grant wishes, the art of supply and demand

15 articles

Reservations Manager

view daily reservations, admin setup, manage rsvps from your website

14 articles

Manage Inventory

create and manage inventory SKUs in live-time at multiple locations

9 articles

Payment Processing

bulk auth/capture, credit card processing, hardware and EMV

8 articles

User Accounts

how to setup and manage user accounts and permissions

5 articles

Reports & Metrics

sales performance, finance reconciliation and more

5 articles

Company Settings

system setup and default controls, contacts and locations

9 articles

ShipCompliant Integration

how to use the shipcompliant services for compliance checks and fulfillment

9 articles


Customer Service Policies

1 article