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Search is used to locate customer and order information and filter a result list based on common data points of information within the database.  Search is also used to create lists for targeted marketing email campaigns, create export files and bulk modify results to add tags, or update information in each customer record.  To streamline workflows, use the search form to create saved searches for daily routines and fast reporting for metrics, sales and finance.  

The  Search has five main forms (one for each search type) that can be combined to leverage different types of data points.  When beginning a new search, you start with one form for the type of search that you want to perform.  The primary form will always be at the top of the page, and will also correspond to the Type of search.  The Search Type defines the results; there are five types of searches:

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Memberships
  • Payments
  • Reservations

There is a separate search form for each search type.  Then add forms for other types, which allows for combined searches.  The new search provides the ability to include and exclude desired data points in a single search. A blue border around a search form means the criteria will be included in the results.  A red border designates the search form will exclude selected criteria from the search. groups of customer based on their location, purchase history, spending trends, club memberships and more.

To begin a customer search navigate to Search > Customers > Search.  A basic customer search should only include one Customers form with a blue border, to designate information that will be included in the search results.  And, to ensure the form is starting by default with blank fields always select Clear Form before beginning a new search. 

Customer Search Information

The customer search form has four main sections:

  1. Customer Information 
  2. Address & Email 
  3. Allocation (if applicable)
  4. Purchase History

Customer Information [Clear Form]

Customer ID Database assigned customer number.
First Name Customer First Name.
Last name Customer Last Name.
Company Customer Company Name (if applicable).
Email Customer email address.
Username May be the same as email address.
Phone Primary customer phone number.
Active Default setting for Active Customers only. This field can be changed to look for Inactive Customers or both Active and Inactive.
Create Date Dynamic or specific dates that Customer accounts were created.
Birthdate Customers Date of Birth - Smart Search: Dynamic - Yesterday, Last Month, Last Three Months.
Search on a phrase or word within the Customer Notes.
Search for a single or multiple tags which are a unique identifier added to the customer record.  Also select from All or Any when picking multiple tags.     
Customer Type
Select a Customer Type such as General Consumer or Wine Club.    
Customer Source
Denotes how the Customer came to be in your database. Such as Web, Tasting Room or Referral.

A red border denotes the information entered into the form will be excluded from the search results.  This allows for more complex filtering of information to include both a blue form for customers that DO HAVE specific information and a red form to exclude customers that DO NOT HAVE specified information. 

Address & Email

Bill State Identify customers by searching a specific billing state
Bill Country Identify customers by searching a specific billing country
Ship State Identify customers by searching a specific shipping state
Ship Country Identify customers by searching a specific shipping country
Zip Code Identify customers within a 50 mile radius of the desired zip code (50 mile max.)
Blank Email Identify customers with / without a blank email address
Wants Email Identify customers that have / have not unsubscribed from email campaigns
Bounced Email Identify customers with / without the email bounce alert in their account
Wants Postal Mail Identify customers that want / do not want to receive postal mail
Sent Campaign Identify customers that were “Sent” a particular email address
Opened Identify customers that did / did not open a specific campaign


For clients using the  Allocation module, search by:

  • Allocation Event, then select all or specific tiers within an event. 
  • Or, locate any customers who are NOT in any allocation tier. 

Purchase History (Lifetime Value, Recency & Frequency)

Date Range Search customers by purchase history using Date Range.  Only Paid, Credit, Refunded orders Select from the smart search one of the following:
- Lifetime 
- This Month 
- This Quarter 
- This Year 
- Last Calendar Month 
- Last Rolling Month 
- Last 3 Months 
- Last Quarter 
- Last 12 Months 
- Last Year 
Or enter a specific date range.
Cumulative Spending Range Enter a dollar value minimum and maximum for a specific range.  Or enter only a minimum to set a threshold amount. 
The cumulative spending entered applies only to the specified date range above. 
Products Select one or multiple products into the Product 1 field. Multiple products in the same field will search for order history with both products. 
Product Name Contains This "sounds like" function allows to easily search purchase history for a single keyword, vintage or vineyard. All products in the purchase history will be queried based on the keyword entered. 
Product Qty Range Enter a product minimum and/or maximum to find customers that have purchased as specific amount of a product. 

Sort and Search

At the bottom of the search forms page is a button to submit the criteria to view results. When you submit the criteria, the criteria is stored in session and will reload when you click the View menu item for the same search type. For example, navigating to Search > Customers > View will reload the customer type search most recently performed with the criteria still selected in the form. 

At the bottom of the search form, select a desired sort format based on the information available.  

Learn how to navigate the search results and take actions and view reports in the next Article >

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