Reservation Manager Calendar Setup

This article covers how to create and manage initial settings for your Reservations Manager calendar: How to create reservation types and hosts; information is provided on creation of stations but these will be phased out in subsequent versions of Reservations Manager. The Support Team is available to assist you in configuring these settings to best suit the needs of your hospitality team, if needed.

From the Reservation Calendar, select Settings on the toolbar to navigate to the calendar settings. There are three basic categories of settings:

Reservation Types
Locations and Stations (Stations are  optional.)
Booking  (Not relevant if using Designer Widgets. See this article for using Booking Agents with Designer Widgets)

Follow the instructions on each tab to set up Hosts, Reservation Types, and Locations.

Set up the hosts. Create each host, and link to the employee’s user account (optional). Also, select a unique color for each host.

Create Reservation Types. If desired you can select specific product for this experience, which will populate the price.  Review and customize the reservation confirmation email templates for each Reservation Type by clicking on the envelope icon.

Be Careful: There is a character limit that is varied by each browser (Firefox, Google, etc.). This limitation is outside of eCellar. Our recommendation is to keep the text shorter* and sweet (less than 1000 characters)! If you run into an instance where the envelope icon doesn't work from the reservation card, that likely means some of the text will have to be eliminated.

Set up Locations and Stations within the calendar location.  

NOTE: The Res Mgr box must be checked in the Inventory Location for the location to be visible and functional in the Reservation Manager / Calendar 

Once your calendar is set up, you're ready to begin making reservations.  Learn the next steps in this Article

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