Search Types and Overview

Search is used to locate customer and order information, and filter a result list based on common data points of information within the database.  Search is also used to create lists for targeted marketing email campaigns, create export files and bulk modify results to add tags, or update information in each customer record.  To streamline workflows, use the search form to create saved searches for daily routines and fast reporting for metrics, sales and finance.  

Find the new search tools using the top-level navigation menu in the Admin Control Panel.

Search Types

There is a separate search form for each search type.  The  Search has five main forms that can be combined to leverage different types of data points.  When beginning a new search, you start with one form for the type of search selected.  The primary form will always be at the top of the page, and will also correspond to the Type of search.  The Search Type defines the results; there are five types of searches:

When beginning a search, determine the search type based on the format of the result data. And, remember that with any type of search, the results can be switched to view a different type of result set. 

Search Type General Use
Customers Create a saved search for an email campaign target recipient group.
Orders Run daily, weekly, and monthly reports dynamically with saved search forms. 
Payments Combine a payments form with an orders form to gather very precise payment data sets for financial reconciliation.
Memberships Use a membership form to create a target group for a Membership Type campaign, or combine with a Customer search form to further segment a customer group.
Reservations Create saved searches for target recipient groups for reservation reminders and thank you campaigns.

Use the main navigation to begin a search

Or the drop-down at the top of the form to select the search type

The type of search will determine the primary form loaded.  For example: for a Customer Search, the Customers form will always load to the top of the page. 

And, the [+] Customers button will be active at the top of the page. 

Search Form Details

1. Begin by selecting your search type (what are you looking for?)  
The Search Type will determine the results view and available actions.  Select one of five search types; Customers, Orders, Payments, Memberships, Reservations.  When you start a search, you begin with one form of search terms for the type of search selected. 

2. Load a previously saved search.  
This can be a combination of linked search forms. Only NEW saved searches are available to load.  Any prior saved order searches, and saved customer groups will need to be re-created in the new search form.

3. Clear All.  This will clear all loaded terms in the current search form.

4. Use the [+] or [-] button next to add a new form, or toggle the form status from blue to red.  Use the  [+] button to add a new search form, allowing you to combine searches.  Use the  [-] button to add a new search form to exclude criteria.

5. A blue border around a search form means the criteria will be included in the results.  A red border designates the search form will exclude selected criteria from the search.

Combining Types of Forms

The Search has five main forms that can be combined together to create very specific result sets.  Use the Include [+] and Exclude [-] form types to combine multiple criteria points into a single search.   A blue border around a search form means the criteria will be included in the results.  A red border designates the information in the search form will be excluded in the search result.   

Example: Order Search also including a customer form information.

Example: Order Search excluding some customer form information.

Sort and Search

At the bottom of the search forms page is a button to submit the criteria to view results. When you submit the criteria, the criteria is stored in session and will reload when you click the View menu item for the same search type. For example, navigating to Search > Customers > View will reload the customer type search most recently performed with the criteria still selected in the form. 

At the bottom of the search form, select a desired sort format based on the information available.  

Search Results

The results for each type of search are different. For example, if the search type is for Orders, then the result list will display order information and if the search type is for customers, then primarily customer information will display in the result list.  If more than one form was used in the search criteria, the type of results is based on the type of search performed.  For example, if an order search also includes a payment form, the result list type will display order information. To view the payment results information, switch the type of search performed.  There are two ways to change the Search Type: 

  1. Using the Search Type dropdown at the top of the Search page
  2. Using the Switch Results link at the top of the Search Results page

Learn how to navigate the search results and take actions and view reports in the  next Article >

All tools in the new Search menu are available in a beta version.  A beta version is an early version of a program or application that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete.  Sometimes these versions are released only to a select group of people, in this case; it's released to our entire eCellar user community for feedback.  This release has gone through extensive inhouse testing and is fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, additional design changes may occur as a result of input from you! 

We encourage you to actively report issues and feedback that you feel can improve these new tools.  

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