Product Variants

Within eCellar Product Detail, you can add products with different attributes to be included with a "parent" product in the web store. This can be used for various bottle formats and merchandise color and or sizes.

Note: You must have the Product permissions to access this feature.

How to Create Variants

Setting up a Product Name:

On the General tab of the Product Detail you can give the "parent" product a more general name than the Product Title. This will reflect the title of the grouping of products on your web site.

Create all of the other products that will be in the grouping as the variants - 
Use the copy feature to make things and easier: create a copy of the parent product. This will allow you to edit only the minimal fields for the new product, and helps ensure consistency of settings.

Add Variants to the Parent Product
In the variant tab, add the other products for the grouping.

 Create the attributes for the variants
 You can add up to 3 attributes

      Click on -click to set- and enter the attribute title

Add the attribute detail for each product
Click on -click to set- and add the attribute detail
Hint: You can tab from field to field making it simpler to add the attribute details

How to Add Products With Variants to the Store View, Club Remix, and Allocation

Variants on the Web Site for General store view
Add the product to the the Site Map Editor, add just the parent product (with the variants) to your web site.
Confirm it is in the desired category - Keep in mind if you have a category for large formats and a large format is one of the variants of a 750ml parent product, it will appear with the parent product.

Note: On the Product Detail, General tab, you can click the Preview to view the product on your web site.

Variants for Club Remix
Add the parent product AND the individual products to your Remix.
Note: Standard and Offered items will appear separately as usual.  

Variants in Allocations
Add the parent product AND the individual products to your allocation set up.
Note: Allocation products in a variant group will appear separately across allocated and request-only items.

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