Product Overview

Products are managed for your POS, Wine Club, and online store (both general and allocation) all from a central location within the Admin Control Panel.  To review existing products, navigate to the Product List: Products > View.  Learn more about the functions available in the product list in the next article. 

Permission Required:  To access all product settings, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Products, to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Product Terminology and Definitions

Product Title Display name of the product
PID Product ID, assigned by the database when a product is created
Weight Weight per unit.  Typically, standard 750 ML bottles are set to 3 lbs, which has a direct relationship to the ship rate ranges in the shipping tables. 
Price Price per unit
Display on Web Controls if the product will display online (functional for both allocation and general stores)
Display in POS Controls if the product is available in the POS
Taxable? Select if the product is taxable
Product Status Determines the status of the product online, and will not limit POS sales.  Many statuses can be customized to display a branded message online
Display SKU The product SKU should match the SKU used internally and by your fulfillment houses
Fulfillment SKU Optional field, and should match the display SKU
Sales Report Category Used for reporting revenue by sales category
Brand Key For ShipCompliant integration
Web Info Settings Control how the product will display in the online general store
Images Image fields are mapped to product display pages in your online store. Each field is customized per winery to best support the style of the online store
Quantity Settings Controls the minimum and maximum quantity, and purchase increment available in the online general store
Max Sell Qty and Threshold Controls for shadow inventory, which prevent overselling of product
Availability Settings Limits the visibility of the product by Customer Type
Discounts Once a product specific discount is created, it can be directly linked to to the eligible product
Category Determines the correct shipping rate type, and can control product categories in the online general store
Options This functionality is retired, and should not be used
Inventory SKU With the inventory module, sellable products must be linked to an Inventory SKU for correct tracking

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