Product vs. Inventory SKU

Product SKU:

A product SKU is referred to as the 'Display' SKU, which is created on the general tab within the product set-up. The display SKU name should be the same as your inventory SKU. Products are the salable item. Product creation and settings are managed from a singular location in eCellar for your POS, Wine Club, and online store (General and Allocation).  Learn how to create a new product in  this Article

Typically, the product display SKU is the same as the Inventory SKU.  To deplete inventory, a product is tied to a related inventory SKU in the product settings.  A product can also be created that is not tied to a SKU in the event inventory units do not need to be tracked.  For example, an Event Ticket may be available for sale in the POS but is not tracked as inventory.

Inventory SKU:

A inventory SKU is used to determine how many inventory units will be depleted per Product sold.  The use of the inventory module is to prevent overselling of products.  A single product can be linked to one inventory SKU.  And to create kits, multiple SKUs can be linked to one product. Learn all about creating inventory SKUs  in this Article

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