Create a Customer in the ACP

A new customer record can be created from the Admin Control Panel using a blank customer card.  This method is especially helpful if there are additional details to add such as credit cards, membership subscriptions and notes.  Alternatively, to create a customer record with minimal information, use the Quick Add form by navigating to Customers > Add New (quick).

Permission Required:  To access the customer tools, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the main menu for Customers
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Use the ACP (Admin Control Panel) to go to Customers > Add New (detailed) and begin to enter information into the customer card.

Required fields are in red. Begin by entering the First Name and Last Name, then email address.  (The Username field will auto-populate based on the firstname.lastname entered, or the email address.) The customer type and source will default automatically based on company settings, and can be updated as needed.

After creating the General information for the account, move to the Addresses Tab.
Customer records have only one Billing Address; it will always be listed first in address list.  When creating a new address, enter the zip code first to trigger the city/state lookup for easy validation.

To create a Shipping Address complete each field, or use the Copy Billing function to autofill the address.

To add a credit card click Add New Card to open the portal for card tokenization. 

Enter all information for the card, including the cardholder's name, and scroll down to select Encrypt and Store Card.  Once the card is tokenized, it's securely stored within the payment gateway vault with OpenEdge. 


Optional: Add a Club Subscription

To create a club subscription, the customer record must first have a billing address, shipping address and credit card on file. Then, click to the Club tab and select Add New Club Subscription.

To learn all the details about a club subscription, continue reading in this Article.

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