Customer Club Subscriptions

When a customer would like to join a club membership, a club subscription can be added to their customer record on the Club tab of the Customer Card.  Before creating a subscription, the customer's account must have a billing address, shipping address and a credit card tokenized on file.  A customer can also have more than one subscription if they have signed up for multiple clubs or if they are the gift-giver of a club shipment to another recipient.  The Club tab of the customer card will display all club subscriptions associated with the customer, both active and cancelled subscriptions; and allows easy access to update and manage their club preferences. 

Permission Required:  To access the customer card and club information, your user account must be enabled with three permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel menu, and
      2.) The permissions to access  Customers and Wine Club information
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. Learn all about wine Club user permissions in this Article. 

To add or manage a club subscription, open the customer's card and navigate to the Club tab.

Adding a New Club Subscription


Click the Add New Club Subscription


In the Club Subscription details, make the selections to match the customer's preferences, paying close attention to the correct tier, credit card, and ship vs. pickup selections.  Review the list below for full details on all subscription settings. 

Subscription Settings

Club Tier Select from the drop-down menu to choose the desired level of membership for the customer.
Shipping Address The default shipment address for all club batch orders. (Required for all members, even if they choose to be a pickup member)
Credit Card Select the credit card to use for all club batch orders.
Signup Date Enter the date to begin the club subscription. Use the date picker to select the actual signup date, which can be back-dated or select a future start date if applicable. 
Suspend Dates If a customer requests to skip a shipment, or needs to put their membership on hold for a period of time use the suspend dates for the range of time they do not want to receive a shipment. Any club batch processing that occurs during a customer suspend time will not include this customer. 
Hold Shipment Date If the customer needs to delay shipment of their upcoming club order, set a designated future ship date.  The order will be created with the club batch with a Hold Ship status, and the designated date as the future ship date. 
Notes Best used to make temporary notes that relate to suspend or hold settings added to the subscription. For more permanent and searchable notes, use the Notes tab of the customer card. 
Pickup? Does this customer want to pick up their club orders onsite? All orders with this setting will be created with the shipper of Pick Up and a ship code of PIC. The actual pickup location is selected in the shipment event settings.
ShipMethod Override A customer's club subscription can have a pre-selected ship method that will override the default ship method from the flat rate club ship table. The ship fee will still reference the club shipping table for the designated state, and the method will be determined by the custom ship method selected. 
Gift? Select Yes to indicate if this subscription is a gift membership, and shipped to an alternate ship recipient. 
Sales Rep Use the drop-down menu to select the sales person credited for this signup.  Note that wine club signups from the website will have None selected as the sales rep by default. 

Update, Change or Cancel an Existing Club Membership

To make changes to an existing club membership, click the edit-pencil icon to expand the details.  Refer to the table above for subscription settings that can be changed.  After making the updates needed, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the customer card.

Cancel a Membership

Club subscriptions can only be cancelled from the ACP.  A member cannot cancel their own membership on the website. To cancel a club subscription enter a cancellation date and select a cancellation reason, then Save Changes.

Note: The drop-down menu of club cancellation reasons is standardized across the platform.  The selections available are based on an industry survey we conducted with a panel of club managers. These options are not available to customize. Our recommendation is to select the reason that most closely matches the customer's response.  If you would like to see a new cancellation reason added to these options, please submit a feature request to the Support Team at 

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