Create a Customer in ResMgr

A new customer record can be created while viewing or creating a new reservation in the calendar.  Linking reservations to a customer account increases reporting on conversion and metrics, and enables the customer to receive automated-recurring campaigns based on their visit history.

Permission Required:  To access the Reservations Calendar, your user account must be enabled with the top-level permission for Reservations Manager. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Use the ACP (Admin Control Panel) to go to Res Mgr.  To make a new reservation click anywhere on the calendar grid.  While viewing an existing reservation or creating a new reservation, click New in the reservation card to open the New Customer Form.


Required fields are in green.  Fill in First Name, Last Name, (and email address to grow your database!) and the Customer Type and Source will default automatically, based on company settings.

Move through the form from left to right.  Use the lightening-bolts to zap and quickly copy information from one column to the next.

For address validation, enter the zip code first to trigger the city/state lookup.

When finished, click Save. The new customer will automatically be loaded into the open reservation.

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