Customer Account Status

Account Status

Active vs. Inactive

Found on the General tab of the Customer Card, this setting allows the account to be marked as Active or Inactive with a checkbox.  Marking an account inactive means it is no longer a viable customer in your database for marketing.  If any customer record has order history, the record cannot be deleted from the database; and changing the status to inactive is the best alternative.  Inactive customer records do not appear in default customer search results, and will not be sent any email campaign broadcasts.  An inactive customer can still log into their profile online, and can continue to make purchases.  It's a good idea to occasionally search for inactive record to restore their status.  Additionally, a record can be moved to an inactive status automatically from the De-Dupe tool.   

Online Access

Enabled vs. Disabled

Found on the General tab, this setting will enable or disable a customer’s ability to access their online account.  If you want to prevent a customer from logging in online, use this setting to disable their account from website access. 

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