Company Reports

Company Reports are designed for big picture, company-wide direct-to-consumer sales performance tracking. Each of the reports available can be used to assess the company's performance in each area; by customer type, by sales channel, and overall year-over-year trending. 

Permission Required:  To access the Report tools, your user account must be enabled with the following permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel menu, and primary access to Reports
      2.) The sub-permissions to access specific Reports types for each of the following: Company, Club, Allocation, Reservations and Tasting Room as they apply to your winery and user roles.
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Reports can be viewed with three different data sets:

  1. Select a date range to view default report information
  2. Begin with an Order or Payment Type search, and use the current search in session to generate a report
  3. Create a saved search for a corresponding report type, and use the drop-down menu to automatically run and load the results of a saved search directly into a report. 

View Reports using Search Results

Any current search in session as well as any saved search, can be loaded into the 30+ reports available! Start with a new Search. 

1. Use the Search menu to select which type of search: Customers, Orders, Payments, Memberships or Reservations. Then select your criteria or load a previously saved search.  Here's an example of a simple order search for last month's orders with billing statuses of paid, credit, and refunded. 

2. At the Results list there are new options in the Action Menu.  

3. Select the action to  View any of the reports available for the specific search type. By selecting View Company Reports, the current search results will be automatically loaded into the General Company Reports. (More on corresponding report categories below.)

4. Click any of the  Report Title tabs to generate the results.

View Criteria, Refine Search, and View Results

When viewing reports, if a current search or saved search is loaded into the reports, a new function menu is available:

  • View Criteria: to display all of the search form criteria
  • Refine Search: to go directly to the search form loaded with the current search
  • View Search Results: to return to the result list

Report Categories and Search Result Types

Within Company Reports are four categories.  Use the drop-down menu to select a reporting category, which will update the available report tabs. 

Each report category is available only with specific search result types. Use this guide below to match a current to saved search with the corresponding reports available. 

Report Category Search Result Type
    -- General Orders
    -- Finance (Reconcile) Payments
    -- Inventory  N/A
    -- Customers  Customers
Tasting Room Orders
Reservations Reservations
Club Memberships
Allocation Orders  

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