ShipCompliant Gateway Overview

The ShipCompliant Webservice allows for:

  • Batches of orders to be sent for compliance validation and fulfillment with an integrated shipper. 
  • Batch processing occurs hourly, approx. at the top of every hour.  
  • Compliance pass/fail results will populate into the orders in eCellar.  
  • Orders which pass compliance are triggered a second time to be released for shipment.  This updates the status to Sent To Fulfillment.  
  • The fulfillment house will receive the orders to ship from ShipCompliant.  
  • As tracking information is available in ShipCompliant, eCellar will scan and update tracking info for 2 weeks.
  • When tracking info updates to shipped and/or delivered, the order's ship status will also update.

Requirements:  To utilize the tools of the ShipCompliance webservice: 
      1.) Must have a ShipCompliant account
      2.) Integration with eCellar must be enabled
Contact the eCellar Support Team for assistance. 

Before beginning to process orders via the ShipCompliant-eCellar webservice, we strongly advise training and/or previous knowledge and experience with ShipCompliant.

Two-step Workflow: 

Compliance check – validates address and compliance rules.  Orders are checked and committed to ShipCompliant in a payment accepted status, with no fulfillment house assignment. This can happen on all orders: Not paid, declined, and paid.
Orders are released for fulfillment - status updates to sent to fulfillment and fulfillment house is visible in order.  This should ONLY happen on Paid orders.

NOTE: Once orders are sent to fulfillment (green check for shipping) manual changes in ShipCompliant can cause the status of Shipped or Delivered to NOT return to eCELLAR.

Compliance checking can happen three ways:

  1. In The POS, while a Ship-To order is being created, Compliance can be checked.  This is called a Compliance check without commit.  It does not submit the order to ShipCompliant permanently, and does not send the order for fulfillment. More detail can be found in this article.
  2. In the order detail, compliance can be checked immediately. This is a Compliance check with Commit.  The order is sent to ShipCompliant in a ‘payment accepted’ status. More detail can be found in this article.
  3. From order search results, a batch of orders can be sent all together to submit for compliance check.  This happens hourly, at the top of every hour. Any orders can be triggered for compliance check on search results of up to 1000 orders at a time.  For more than 1000 orders, scroll to the next page of order search results, and check the 'cmpl' box in the header column. More detail can be found in this article.

Release to Fulfillment:

Orders that are PAID and PASSED compliance can be sent in batch for fulfillment.  From order search results, check the column header for 'ship' on batches of up to 1000 orders at a time. (scroll to the next page for more results)  This trigger is sent hourly, at the top of every hour.  Orders will be updated in ShipCompliant to sent to fulfillment with the corresponding fulfillment house (WSCD). The orders are now visible to your shipper.

Warning: Do not create partial return orders if you use the ShipCompliant webservice. Only the base (original) order information is sent; ignoring the partial return amount, meaning too much wine will be shipped to the customer.

Dashboard Widget

On the eCellar landing page the ShipCompliant widget will display real-time compliance and ship service failures that need attention.  

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