Immediate Compliance Check in POS

When creating a ship order in the POS, it's helpful to do a preliminary compliance check on the order you’re working in before you process payment. 
This is a great tool for verification and compliance issue checks while the customer is still present and can immediately provide an alternate ship address or future delivery date.  
This initial check validates the address, recipient DOB, product label registration and volume limits. 
If the order fails compliance, this will not prevent payment processing and the order can still be completed.  

Once the customer and order recipient is created (or the ship address is selected) and the products are added to the order, compliance can be checked instantly to verify the address is eligible and to check for compliance issues such as license and volume restrictions. 

How to Check Compliance in the POS

Real-time compliance check in the POS while a ship-to order is being created.  
This is called a compliance check without commit: It does not submit the order to ShipCompliant permanently, and does not send the order for fulfillment. It is a simple address and compliance check.

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