Compliance Check for Batch Orders

To prepare a batch of orders for compliance check, begin with an Order Search.  When a batch of orders is set for compliance check, it will be processed within one hour, on the next cycle of the webservice with ShipCompliant.  Any orders can be triggered for compliance check on search results, up to 1000 orders at a time. For more than 1000 orders, scroll to the next page of order search results, and check the Cmpl box in the header column.

Create and Submit a Batch of Orders for Compliance Check

To search for orders which have failed their compliance check, simply use the saved Search Template using the Blue Lightening Bolt button as seen here:
- Orders > Search. Use either Non-Compliant Orders-Unshipped or Club Order Compliance Check templates.

Search and be sure to Clear form then select the following criteria:
- Create date range (based on desired results)
- Billing status = PAID
- Source = Club (if applicable)   
- Shipping status = Unshipped & Hold Ship
- Compliance = Not Checked
Then  Search Orders

At the order results list Expand the viewing list to include all orders in result set, then check the Cmpl checkbox at the top of the column (as shown with the red arrow) once to trigger the entire list (up to 1000 orders).  If there are more than 1000 orders, scroll to the next page and repeat until all orders have a black checkmark.  All selected orders will be batched and sent in bulk to ShipCompliant on the next hourly cycle. Individual orders can be sent for compliance checks by checking the Cmpl checkbox associated with the order (shown by the blue arrow), or in the order detail for an immediate result - see below.

Best Practice: Sending orders up for compliance check at the end of the day saves you time the following morning!

When the next hourly cycle is completed, the compliance results will populate directly into eCellar, and the orders will be denoted with a green checkmark if it passed compliance, or a red exclamation point if the compliance check failed. When an order has passed compliance it is committed to your ShipCompliant dashboard in a payment accepted status. 

Individual and Immediate Compliance Check 

In the order detail, check the Check Compliance box, then Update. Either to box will become a green checked circle, or a red exclamation point and the compliance errors will appear.

When orders have passed compliance, it's time to send them to the shipper! Learn how in this Article

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