California Redemption Value - Orders and Receipts

In the Senate Bill 1013 expanding the CRV there are several requirements regarding separate identification of the redemption payment on receipts and invoices. We have added it per those requirements to eCELLAR receipts and invoices for all sales channels.

  1. POS Sales Order and Receipt -
    1. The fee is indicated under the product name, and added to the subtotal.
    2. In the POS receipt it is a separate line item associated with the product.
    3. Click on the redemption name and amount under the product name to reveal the COMP/"On-Premise" options.
      1. Comp: Does not collect the fee(s), but still records the collected amount so it is included in reports. This is intended for samples, pours, and possibly donations.
      2. On-Prem: Suppresses the fee entirely. It is not collected or reported. It is explicitly for beverages consumed on site.

  1. Administrative Panel (ACP) Order Detail -
    1. All sales channels reflect CRV: POS, Allocation, Club, etc.

  1. Web Site (DW) Web/Allocation Order
    1. Check Out
    2. Order Review

  1. Web Site (DW) Club Remix Checkout and Order Review -

  1. Reservation Order

  1. Order History in Web site customer My Account
    1. Reservation Order
    2. Shipment Order

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