California Redemption Value - Bulk Product Update Upload

From the Product List, download your product SKUs, add the appropriate CRV to each desired item, upload to apply. The products in the download with CRV already added are indicated. Simply update and upload.

  1. Products > View Products choose CRV Worksheet -

  1. Download: From the popup window select the state collection fees you wish to add/update (in the image California is chosen) > click Download -
    1. The download will include of your unhidden SKUs. They can be sorted and deleted as desired to segment only those products you wish to address.

  1. Complete the data in the download worksheet - (Column names will vary by state. Only CA, ME and VT will have the "Type" column.)
    1. State, PID, Product, and SKU columns should not be altered.
    2. Skip - no update.
    3. MFG - Manufacturer.
    4. DIST - Distributor.
    5. Type - Material and volume of the packaging.
      1. Note the two tabs at the bottom of the worksheet. The CRV Choice tab provides the exact format that must be entered in column H, and the corresponding CRV Value.

      2. 750ml bottles will be Glass / >= 24oz because it is 35.36 ounces.
      3. Row #5 below is a 375ml bottle so it is Glass / < 24 oz because it is 12.68 ounces.
    6. Quantity - The number of given packages in the product.
      1. Generally a one to one ratio.
      2. Complicated kits where different materials/sizes are involved should NOT be configured in the worksheet and "Skip" can be used.
      3. Row #2 below, the Kitty Kit 6 pack, is a simple set of 6 bottles so QTY is 6 x's the CRV rate will be calculated upon sale.

  1. Upload the completed worksheet Choose File > select the Excel worksheet from you finder > Click Process
    1. Upload Recap will show the details of the upload and identify that there were errors (15 in the image), then list the errors.
      1. Columns C & D drive the action to be taken. If they are both blank any existing CRV will be deleted.
      2. One or both columns must be indicated for the deposit to be created for that product.

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