Discounts: Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping 

Feature Launch Date:  October 31st, 2018
Prerequisite Permissions: To configure Flat Rate Shipping, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Company->Discounts. If you do not have permission, contact your winery's eCellar User Manager for assistance.

The Flat rate shipping (FRS) discount provides the ability to charge a single fixed rate for all shipping orders placed through the web and point of sale systems. Your winery is now able to offer flat rate shipping with many rules attached: to specific customer types, within certain timeframes, specifying bottle minimums or even total dollar spend. The discount engine also will allow you to specify the method(s) within which zone(s) that flat rate shipping applies to.  

For example:

Buy 6 or more bottles before December 15th, and receive $0.01 shipping UPS Ground!

This example is, of course only one of many possibilities you can offer this discount.

Key things to note about Flat Rate Shipping (FRS):

  1. FRS operates within the discount engine, and applies to shipping only, and can co-exist with your other line-item or order-level discounts, e.g. buy 12 or more bottles and receive 20% off
  2. FRS now supersedes 'Included' (Free) shipping, because you can now do FRS = $0.00.  You'll notice that we've made the FLAT RATE button default when shipping discount type is chosen in the ACP UI  
  3. FRS amount can be set to $0.00 and up
  4. FRS discount works both online and POS automatically
  5. FRS can be triggered by customer type, order limits (qty or $ amount)
  6. If you configure FRS to trigger based on total $ spend, please note that it is the GROSS $ before discount that triggers FRS
  7. You can tier FRS by setting up separate individual discounts, e.g.  Buy $200 of wine (pre-discount), receive $20 shipping; Buy $500 of wine, receive $10 shipping; Buy $1,000 or more of wine, receive $0.01 shipping
  8. FRS can be applied to specific Zones and Ship Methods

Creating A Flat Rate 

Navigate to the discount engine via  Company-Discounts

Select the Toggle button found next to CREATE NEW DISCOUNT. 

Fill out the following boxes.


Fill out the name of this discount, e.g. $10 Flat Rate Shipping

Select Shipping Charges radio button.  This must be selected if you want to use the flat rate shipping discount.  By selecting shipping charges will not discount the products sold, it will only discount the shipping charges that are applied to the order. 


Who is eligible? You have 3 different options to choose from: 

Anyone: This will apply the discount to anyone who uses the web or point of sale systems.  

First-time-customers: This will apply the discount to anyone who has no prior order history.  

Select Customer Types: When selecting customer types there will be a drop down that is generated. This will allow you to select which groups you would like to have access to the discount. 


Is this Discount Active Now: Allows you to enable and disable the discount as needed.  Note - only disabled discounts can be deleted (good to know for testing with different discount scenarios!)

Important: When using Flat Rate Shipping with Coupon Code, please note that the Coupon Code text is case sensitive, e.g. FREESHIP is not the same as freeship.

Below you will see a Start Date with the option of Now –or- On as well as and End Date with the options of Never –or- On. This feature can be used to place a discount to start immediately, a future date, or limit a discount for a specific time period.  

The coupon code can be used if you would like to run promotions for things such as online promotions, special discount for specific customer groups, promotions for club members and so forth. Type in the code you would like the customers to use, from there you can create a campaign to send out the code appropriately. 


Select the radio button to determine how you want to have the discount triggered. Your choices are between total aggregate amount on the order or specific inventory items.

Important: When using Flat Rate Shipping with Min order subtotal, the flat rate shipping will not activate until the pre-discounted total has reached the minimum threshold dollar amount.

Choose the minimum item total in the order. The default is one. This box allows for the discount to be triggered by total items.

Choose the minimum aggregate amount subtotal you want the discount to be applied to. This is used in conjunction with the entire order radio button.

Required Products is used in conjunction with line item radio button. It is here where you can select a specific product, category product, or product type to trigger the discount. 


The  Flat Rate button is already selected (and green) by default.

Choose the amount for the flat rate shipping.  If you are doing shipping involving cents, make sure you use the decimal!

Select the shipping methods in the zones you want to have the Flat Rate amount applied to. 

Click Save Discount to save the new FRS discount.


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