Shipping Zones & Methods

Shipping rates are managed in the Shipping Zones and Methods. These rates apply for all daily orders placed in the POS and website.  Rates can be defined by zone and by ship method within each zone. Rate tables are available for wine and merchandise products, which is controlled by the root category assigned to a product. 

Permission Required:  To access the shipping zones & method settings, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: primary access to the Company menu, and the permission to access the sub-menu option for Shipping settings. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Shipping zones are geographical regions; defined by all states within the region. Each state can only be in ONE zone at any time, and cannot be split between zones. Within each zone, you may create several shipping methods. (i.e. overnight, 2-day, ground.)  Use the non-shipping zone to assign any states that are not eligible for shipments. 

  • Each shipping method identifies the fulfillment provider, the ship code and the ship method. Be sure to use standard codes and methods that are compatible with your fulfillment house (and ShipCompliant, if applicable.)
  • Shipping rates may be defined by weight or by number of units. Most products tables are set up using a default weight of 3 lbs per bottle. Be sure to check your product settings to understand the standard weights used for your winery.
  • Ranges of ship rates typically are: 0, 3lbs, 9lbs, 18lbs and 36lbs; which respectively would be for 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 9 bottles and 12 bottles. An order’s total ship cost is calculated by taking the total weight of the products and referencing the rate table. For orders more than 36lbs (12 bottles) the rates will loop back trough the ranges to reach the total.
  • Unique shipping zones and rates may be developed for each product category; wine and merchandise, separately. Shipping Zones, Methods and Rates

How to Create and Manage Zones and Rates

Location in ACP Menu: Company > Shipping > Zones and Methods

Best Practice: Utilize ground shipping methods in cooler more temperate seasons, which can be deactivated in the hot summer months to avoid overheating wine shipments.

Example method set-up:

To create shipping zones: Click Add zone for the desired product category (wine or merchandise) and create the new zone name. (ex. Zone 1)

Click on the states to be added for this specific zone.
Click S ave Changes sat the bottom of the screen.
Add shipping method(s) to your new zone by selecting Add shipping method... and complete the following fields:
-  Ship Method: Select the desired shipping company from the dropdown menu
-  Ship Code: Usually provided by your fulfillment company
-  Display Name: The visible name on POS and Web sales
-  Default Method: Select the radial button if this is the default method for this ship zone.
-  Active?: Check the box if this code is active, making it available in the POS and online checkout.
-  Fulfillment Company: Select your fulfillment house
-  Ship unit type: choose preferred type. For help, call the Support Team.

Click Save Method
Set the Maximum Unit Range and Rates 
-  Use the Add button to create additional fields for each range/rate. Each Max. Unit Range should correspond to your shipping pack sizes or rate tables from your fulfillment house or direct shipping company.
Select Save Method when you have finished each method.
To add additional methods, select Add shipping method until you have added all desired methods for the zone.
Use the main navigation bar: Shipping > Zones & Methods to review all Zones.

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