Create a Standard Club Shipment

PLEASE NOTE:  There are three ways to offer a wine club: Standard, ReMix and Custom.

Be Careful: A successful wine club shipment processing requires your undivided attention.  Try not to be in a rush, and avoid distractions. Closing your office door, set your telephone to Do Not Disturb and turn off your email notifications to reduce any interruptions.  If this is your first time using the Wine Club Module in eCellar, be sure to read the introduction article, Overview and Terminology and become familiar with a standard shipment event before creating a Remix event. 

Club Shipment Overview

A Club Shipment Event is also known as a Club Batch, Club Run or Club Event. Before creating a club event, be sure to review your current club tier members, validate customer types, review members on suspension, and club shipping rate tables.

Add a New Club Shipment Event

To create a new club shipment event, go to the shipment event list by navigating to  Club > Shipments using the Admin Control Panel toolbar.  In the upper right corner of the shipment list, select Add a new Club Shipment to begin.   If you need to edit an existing club shipment, use the edit-pencil icon in the functions.

Shipment Event Types

From the selection of club shipment types, click to Create Standard Shipment.  To learn about all club event types, read more in this Article

Club Shipment Event Setup

Complete each of the required fields for the Shipment Event settings. 

Event Name:  A unique description of the club event.  Often this is a code or shorthand name that includes the tier, season (or annual shipment number) year and the month of processing.
Optional: For Enterprise clients, also select the Brand associated with this club tier and event.  
Club Tier: Select the desired membership tier for this shipment event.  
Invoice Creation Date: The date is the day you plan to create the batch of invoices. This is NOT the date you will capture funds or ship the wine.  This date is specifically used to identify and ignore members who are skipping this shipment and have suspend dates in their membership.
Active: Will enable the event to display in the POS, and generate preview information.  Check this box if this is the current or upcoming shipment event for your members.  Once it is no longer the currently available shipment, the event should be deactivated.
Description is an internal note field for reference.  A handy place to list the wines included in the event.
Flat Rate Group: Select the corresponding shipping rate group for rates that match this tier.
Pickup Location: Select the pickup location for all will-call orders.  This also defines the inventory location that will-call orders will be depleted from as they are picked up. Choosing the pickup location will determine the fulfillment service for pickup orders, and will determine the inventory location to deplete product from for all pickup orders in the shipment event.

Click Save Shipment to create the event, and come back later to finish. You can create an event quickly without assigning all products. Simply save the shipment and come back later. 

Club Shipment Products

Assign products to the club event by selecting to Add a product... 

A new window will open with the product settings.

Product: Select the product using the finder-menu.  Type in any keyword, vintage or SKU to locate the desired product. 
Price: The SKU and retail price will pre-populate from the product settings.  The price can be adjusted if needed. 
Discount: Apply a discount to the product. Club shipment discounts are not controlled by the discount engine or any other customer type discounts that may be set up for club members.  Shipment discounts are controlled exclusively here in the event settings. 
Taxed: Enable if this item is taxable. 
Click Add Product after each new product is entered.
Repeat these steps and continue adding each line item for the club shipment.
Once items are added, click  Save Shipment to save changes, finalize this club shipment event and navigate back to the Club Shipment List.  Events can be edited later too!  

Be Careful: If you make a mistake and need to change a product, use the Trash Can to delete the line item.  To edit product settings use the pencil icon to review and make changes.  Be sure to Save changes at the bottom of the page when finished! 

Warning: Don’t forget your Club inserts! Double-check your products, pricing, discounts, quantity and tax.  If mistakes occur once orders are created they must be edited individually to make any corrections in the POS, or contact the Support Team for development assistance to Bulk Cancel all orders in the shipment event.

Preview and test the Club settings on your website: Create a test tier and assign it to a test event that mirrors the event that will be live. Assign yourself to that tier and go through the entire process from entering your account through a Magic Link, if applicable, to processing an order.

 See this article for the workflow for completing a Standard "club run".

Also, once the Shipment Event is created, custom pre-batch orders can be created in the POS. Learn all about it in  this Article

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