Wine Club Overview and Terminology

A Wine Club refers to a select group of customers assigned to a tier who periodically receive automatic shipments of specific wines.  This is often called a subscription or membership. The winery designates how often the shipments occur and what wines are included in each shipment.  In eCellar, Wine Club Shipment Events are used to create and process a batch of orders all at once; allowing you to quickly capture large volumes of revenue via bulk auth/capture.

Permission Required:  To access all Wine Club Module tools and utilities, your user account must be enabled with the top-level permission for Wine Club which includes the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Wine Club Terminology and Definitions

Club Tier Is the level of membership the customer is subscribed to.  Each club tier is a specific set of customers that will all receive the same shipment of wine during each club shipment event. 
Shipment Event Also known as a Club Batch, Club Run or Club Event.  Created for each batch to be processed, and is assigned to each tier.  Includes the products to be shipped, defined flat rate shipping methods, and specified date for processing.
Club Shipping Rates Are created specifically for shipment event batches.  These rate tables are independent from the daily retail shipping rates used in the POS and p2p.
ShipMethod Override A customer's club subscription can have a pre-selected ship method that will override the default ship method from the flat rate club ship table. The ship fee will still reference the club shipping table for the designated state, and the method will be determined by the custom ship method selected. 
Product Types Are used for Custom Club setup and selections. Learn more about Custom Club in this article.
Suspend Dates In each customer's subscription settings is an option to suspend their membership.  Enter a begin and end date range for the duration of time the customer does not want to receive shipments
Hold Shipment Date In the customer's subscription settings, the Hold Shipment Date allows you to set a designated future ship date for their upcoming club order.  The order will be created with the club batch with a Hold Ship status, and the designated date as the future ship date. 

Club Module Setup

  1. Create Club Tiers (or, each tier will be imported from external source during data migration)
  2. Create Club Shipping Groups
  3. Create Shipment Events

Overview of Club Event Processing

  1. Review club tiers and subscribers
  2. Review club Shipping groups and rates
  3. Build shipment events
  4. Create pre-batch orders for special requests
  5. Generate event orders
  6. Validate member count vs orders created
  7. Bulk Auth/Capture funds
  8. Club order management

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