Club Shipment Types

Upcoming Feature:  On January 23, 2018 the Wine Club Module was upgraded with new features.  Primarily in this set of changes is the release of Club Remix!  Remix is a new type of club shipment that allows customers to personalize their upcoming wine club order with custom selections using a mobile-friendly online portal.

When preparing a new club shipment event, select from one of three club event types:  

  • Standard Shipment is a traditional style of creating a club shipment batch where all members in a tier will receive a pre-determined selection of wines.  Each club tier is assigned to a corresponding club event.  All shipping orders will be created with a flat rate shipping rate table, and line item discounts can be applied per product.  A standard shipment cannot be changed later to a Remix shipment. 
  • Remix Shipment has all the same features of a standard shipment type; plus allows customers to log into their account online and customize the upcoming order by adding, removing and swapping wines based on the requirements and products determined in the shipment event.  A start and end date defines the window of time a customer can personalize their order.  Orders created by the customer online are not paid, and saved to the shipment event to be processed with the batch on the event date.  Options include flat rate shipping fees or daily rate shipping fees, and include line item discounts set per product and can vary for included products and additional products. 
  • Custom Shipment is only for use with custom club tiers, where a customer selects an annual assortment of wines to be shipped upon release.  Wines included in each shipment are determined by the club product type, and the amount of wine selected for each customer in their subscription settings. 

Permission Required:  To access all Wine Club Module tools and utilities, your user account must be enabled with the top-level permission for Wine Club which includes the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To create a new club shipment event, navigate to Club > Shipments.  In the upper right corner of the shipment list, select Add a new Club Shipment to begin. 

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