Customize Club Orders in POS

Club members often make special requests and substitutions for their wine club orders.  This article will show you two easy ways to create customized orders for your members. 

Pre-batch Customized Order 

A single club order can be created in the POS prior to creating the batch of orders.  This is a great way to start working through order customization requests before managing the larger batch of orders.  

 - In the POS begin by creating an order for the club member: Search for the customer name

 - Click on the blue hyperlinked name and review the Customer Card: review their subscription information and review their club shipping address, any special preferences, and if they are a pickup member.  

- Begin creating the order by selecting all the desired products (don't forget the insert too!) 

 In the order of the POS, under the product select the following options for the order:

Change the Channel/Source to Club
Assign the applicable Inventory Location
Assign the current  Club Subscription, which will corresponding to their tier.
Assign the current  Club Event which will corresponding to their tier.

Details: When selecting the  club channel in POS,  two additional drop downs will allow you to assign the order based on the customer's club subscription, and choose a corresponding club shipment event. 
-- Subscriptions denoted with a CX are canceled subscriptions
-- Subscriptions denoted with a CXF have a future cancel date
-- You may choose from any corresponding club shipment event from the last 6 months; which are also nicely marked inactive if the event is turned off.
-- When creating an order, choosing a subscription tier and shipment event are mutually dependent and required.  If you are assigning an order into a club shipment event, the customer must also have a related club tier subscription.

Note: An order can still be created (or saved) to the club channel, without assigning a tier and event.
And, reloading a club order will automatically reselect the subscription and corresponding event if the order has a subscription assigned.

Edit an Order After the Batch is Created

Once you've created the batch of club orders for the shipment event, any order can be edited in the POS while the billing status is still Not Paid.  In the Order Detail in the Administrative Control Panel select [Edit in POS] to pull the unpaid order into the POS.  Now you can update the shipping information, add products and adjust quantities.  When finished, be sure to Save the order or process the payment to complete the order. 

Be Careful: When an order is edited in the POS, all discounts will be reset based on the discounts set up.  If your club shipment orders receive a special discount, be sure to review and correct each line item as needed, as well as shipping rates and methods.

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