Calendar Overview

The Reservation Manager is an additional module of eCellar.  It's a powerful and secure calendar system for tasting rooms, built to tap directly into your customer database in real time. 

The calendar is used to organize, maintain and create reservations on a grid-style calendar for guest experiences such as wine tastings, tours, VIP visits, lunch arrangements, trade tastings, etc.  The Reservation Manager leverages your customer database, allowing you to effectively track repeat visits, conversion from reservation to club joins and purchase revenue, referral behaviors and can beneficially be used to manage staffing levels appropriately. 

Navigating to the Calendar

The ResMgr Calendar can be access from several places in eCellar.  


Admin Control Panel

From the Administrative Control Panel, use the Res Mgr > View Calendar tab on the main toolbar.  The Calendar view will open and default to Today



From the POS, use the navigation at the top to select Res Mgr


Customer Card

From a customer Card, click the RSVP icon to jump directly into the calendar and begin making a reservation for this customer.
NOTE: This will NOT effect capacity. To effect capacity use New Booking, reservations that are not tied to a Booking Agent still affect availability when timeslots are looked for.

Note: The ResMgr display can be opened in a new window (or browser tab) – meaning you can run eCellar (Admin or POS) and open the reservation calendar in conjunction to what you are currently working on. This is especially useful in busy tasting rooms.

Calendar Views

Calendar View A daily grid view of all reservations. Each reservation block can be customized by color and the text displayed.
Reservations A list of all reservations, with any status, and details for the selected day.
Requested A list of reservations that have the status of Requested, and may or may not have a scheduled date or start and finish time. This is the default in the Booking Agents . You can change the setting so reservations are received as Booked instead.
Unscheduled Reservations without a scheduled date or start and finish time, and any status.  Until the status is updated to Booked and a date and start and finish time are added, the reservation will stay in Unscheduled.
Notes A daily note field is a great tool to communicate to all staff about events for the day, any special visitors, to-dos, etc.
Location Selector If your company has multiple physical locations, each location can have it’s own calendar grid.  Use the dropdown menu to select the desired location. 
Filters You can filter the Reservation Type or Station (reduced support with Res Mgr v3) by clicking Filters and choosing the desired option. (See Image #1 below)
New Booking This will open a window in which a Booking Agent can be found by Reservation Type and/ or Date and Party Size. This will effect capacity. (See Images #2 and #3 below)
New Reservation This will open a new reservation card. This will not effect capacity.
Add Blocks Blocks can be used to designate time that will not be used for reservations. They will not effect capacity. A more efficient and effective tool would be to change capacity via Booking Agents for lunch breaks, staff meetings, etc.."
Prefs The preferences that can be set here determine how reservations are viewed on the calendar grid. See this article for more details.
Settings Hosts: Can be added and hidden, but not deleted. They must have the User field completed either with "- tie to user-" or the user's name
Reservation Types: This is where you will create the Reservation Types that will populate your Booking Agents. Types can be hidden if no longer in use.
Locations: These will populate from the Company Settings > Locations IF the Res Mgr box is checked in the location settings. (See Image #4 Below)
Bookings: Not in use for Designer Widgets. For Legacy clients still utilizing Res Mgr v1, information on Bookings can be found in this article.


IMAGES #2 and #3


Calendar Navigation

The calendar grid at the top of the screen is to jump to any desired date.  Select the month, then the day.  Easily toggle between company locations, jump back to the Admin Control Panel, and access all settings relevant to the reservation calendar.  

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