Calendar Grid Details

When viewing the calendar grid, each reservation is represented by a block.  The length of each block is determined by the duration of the booking.  As more reservations are created for the same time of day, these blocks will arrange horizontally.  

The start and end time of each day is pre-set, but can be modified for your business by sending a request to the Support Team if you need to change the business hours of the calendar. 

Blocks can be moved around on the same day by dragging to the desired time.  To change the date of a reservation, hover-over the block and action icons will appear.  Click the edit-pencil icon to open the reservation details and change the date. 

Reservation Block Display

The details displayed on the reservation block can be customized and formatted in your own style. (More on that down below!)  Each individual reservation block looks like this:

Customize the Format and Text of the Block Display

Go to the calendar event template by selecting  [Prefs] in the ResMgr toolbar.  With calendar preferences you can decide what pieces of information appear on all calendar events, using any combination of the placeholders. Be sure to always put ${} around each one, and type their names in exactly as shown (case matters). You can enter other text too, like () or | or /.

Use the available merge fields on the right to arrange into the template on the left. Here's an example of a slightly different format, and the corresponding template.  Notice that the time will always display first, and cannot be changed or removed. 

Other Calendar Preferences

  1. Color code the event blocks based on Host, Station, or Reservation Type. The colors can be configured in the calendar settings. 
  2. Select a default station for creating new reservations. 

Calendar Filters

Clicking on the 'Filters' button will expand filters for reservation type and station options. You can click on an individual filter to see ONLY those appointments display on the grid. 

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