Group Wish Grant Utility

This method allows for wish granting at the group level in a round-robin style, processing the grants by allocation event.  When wishes are granted a new order is created for the additional products using the base order's billing and shipping address information. 

Permission Required:  To access all Allocation tools, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Allocation to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Review Products Sold and Wished For

To review a quick summary of all products and wish request totals for the allocation release, start with an Order Search and Product Collapsed report. The Quantity column is the total of products already sold.  The Quantity Req. column is the total of all wish requests for each product.

To prepare for wish granting be sure to gather the maximum quantity available of each SKU to fulfill open wish requests. Then navigate to Allocation > Group Wish Grant Utility

Group Wish Granting

in the Admin Control Panel, navigate to  Allocation > Group Wish Grant Utility


Select the Allocation event to begin granting wishes for using the drop-down menu. 


Once the Allocation event is selected, the associated products will populate below. For each product choose the limits available to grant. 

Order Select one of the options defined below:
None Wish request for this product will not be granted
Up To Wishes for this product will be granted with a maximum Qty per order, and total quantity available to grant.  The utility will process in  a round-robin style beginning with the lowest order ID, and distributing grants one unit at a time per order up to the maximum amount per order, or the total max available. 
All wishes for this product will be granted per order, beginning with the lowest order ID and continuing through all orders with wish requests for this product until the total available number is reached.  This method rewards the early-bird shoppers by granting their full wishes first. 
Max Qty Per Order The amount of additional product to grant per order
Total Available The total amount of additional product available to for wish granting
Free Shipping product and line item discounts are not applied during the group wish grant utility.  Check this box to offer shipping included for the additional order created with the granted products. This does not make changes to the original base order. 

Select Preview Results to view the total orders to be created, and sum of each product to be added to the new orders.  The Grand Total displays additional revenue for the new orders. 


To generate the batch of new orders click OK, or cancel to make additional changes. 


Continue to repeat steps #1 - #4 to process batches of wish grants for each allocation event until all new orders have been created.

Process Payments

Once all new orders are created use the Bulk Auth/Capture tool to process payments. To get started, the steps below are a quick summary how to submit batches of orders for auth/capture. 

- Go to  Search > Orders > Search and Clear All. In the search form enter this criteria:
     - Create Date Range: From and To (spanning the dates of the allocation release)
(or skip the date search, and select the Wishes granted order tag  from step #5.
     - Billing Status: Partial Paid
     - Order Source: Allocation
     - Back Office Criteria: Extra requests = Yes
- Show Orders > use the function toolbar to select Pick Records
- Expand the result list to up to 500 orders to create a batch for payment processing
- Use the Select Action menu to choose Auth/Capture Orders
- Continue to process batches for bulk auth/capture until all orders are submitted. 

Need more help with Bulk Auth/Capture for payment processing?  Learn all the details in this Article.  

Now is a great time to send a campaign or a custom receipt message to notify customers' of their updated orders and fulfilled wish requests.  Get help with Custom Receipts in this Article and learn about Campaigns  in this Article

Note: If an order's payment declines during bulk auth/capture, the billing status of the order remains unchanged and will still be either Not Paid, it's original status.  A memo will be added to the order's Internal Comments with the decline response.

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