Bulk Auth/Capture Payments

Bulk Auth/Capture is a fast and easy method to initiate payment processing for large batches of orders. 

There are 2 methods to perform Bulk/Auth Capture - One specifically for Club and the other for all other order types.
For non-club orders, each batch can be up to 1000 orders, and multiple batches can be queued at a time. 
For Wine Club orders, this is performed in the Club tab > Settlement. The results of each batch can be viewed in the Bulk Auth/Capture Log. 


  • Bulk Auth/Capture can be initiated from the Admin Control Panel (ACP) for batches up to 1000.
  • Payment processing is handled fully in the background, freeing you up to go do other things!
  • OpenEdge Decline Minimizer integration for card updating upon payment attempt at the gateway.
  • Inventory pre-checks to ensure quantity is available before capturing funds.

Bulk Auth/Capture can be initiated from any Order Result List following order search, or from the Club Settlement page. 

At the Order Search Results List, use the Select Action menu to select Auth/Capture Orders. The page will refresh, and orders visible in the result set will be selected.

Confirm the message to select orders. All orders with a check in the left column and green outline will be queued for payment processing.  

If the result set has more that 15 orders, change the display quantity so all orders for processing are included in the batch. 

Select Bulk/AuthCapture again from the Select Action menu to complete the transactions > Continue

Once the batch has been submitted, review the results in the Bulk Auth/Capture Log, found in the Orders > Utilities menu.

The Bulk Auth/Capture Log will default to show Todays batches.  Club Event or non-club orders can be selected. Click View/Refresh to update the log results. More on this tool and it's uses are described below.


Bulk Auth/Capture is initiated from the Club tab > Settlement  - The Club Settlement Transaction Status page has a wealth of statistical information and actionable tools. For more information see this article

To Bulk/Auth Capture payments for a club shipment click the $ icon in the Charge Cards column. 

Upon clicking the $ icon your will be asked to confirm the auth/capture.

Bulk Auth/Capture Log

Batch processing for Bulk auth/capture can be initiated from Order Search Results and Club Batch Settlement. Each run attempt is assigned a Batch ID number. The total order count in each batch is included in the log table. Click on any order count number to jump to order search results of that specific result set.

Only Not Paid, Partial Paid, and Declined CC payments are valid for payment auth/capture. Orders with Invalid payments will not be submitted to the gateway for credit card processing. Orders may be considered invalid if they are already paid, have an invalid CC token, or are immediate pickup orders saved from the POS.

Use the Batch Search to filter the results displayed in the log. View a smart search or specific date range, or select an individual Batch or range of Batch IDs. Use the Source menu to filter based on the origin, from Search Results, or Club Events. The View/Refresh button will update the results based on your search criteria.

Re-Queue: To easily re-attempt an entire batch for payment processing, use the Re-Queue function. Only Not Paid, Partial Paid, and Declined CC payments will be resubmitted. The batch will be re-queued to eCellar's bulk/auth service, which will identify and filter out invalid orders. If a Not Paid order has been edited in the POS, and has multiple payment records (one decline and one new unpaid payment) the declined payments will not be re-attempted, only the new unpaid payment will be processed.

More on Invalid Orders: The invalid count represents orders included in a batch that are not eligible to be submitted to the payment gateway. Authorized CC, Billed, Cancelled, Credit, Paid, Refunded and Void order billing statuses are not valid for payment processing. If the order's payment record has a CC token that is invalid or empty, the order will not be submitted. And, Immediate Pickup orders must be processed via the POS to ensure proper and immediate inventory depletion when payment is captured.

More on Declined Orders: Orders with a declined payment status remain in a Not Paid billing status. Any order that is Not Paid, with a payment that was declined during processing will be counted in the declined column. For example, an order with a declined payment will appear in the Declined count, and a Partial Paid order with two payments, one accepted and one declined, will also end up in the Declined count. 

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