View the Product List

The Product List can be accessed from the Admin Control Panel: Products > View.  There are two available views to review products. In the default list is all active products sorted by product ID.  Alternatively, the Tree view sorts all products by category and sub-category assignment.

Use the  Find field to search and filter the list by product name, product SKU or Product ID.  

To review or change the details of a product, click the Product Name to open the settings. 

In the list view, easily review the Sort ID, and settings for Web, POS and Inventory.  Use the  Show Hidden function to view products that have been disabled.  The  Hide function will remove the product from the default list view and disable the product availability in the POS.  If a product is hidden, it can not be selected in the POS.  

Best Practice: Only hide products once they have been disabled for both Display on Web, and Display in POS.

To delete a product, use the Trash Can icon.  A product can only be deleted if it does not have any sales history.

Toggle to view the Product Tree view to review products by category assignment. This is a helpful tool to review any products that are unassigned to a category.  Learn more about product categories and why they're super important in this Article. 

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