Processing a Payment

The final step to complete a sale in the POS is to select the payment type and finalize processing. Choose from the menu of payment type options.  And, if requested by the customer, an order's total may be split into multiple payments. Be sure to read the  split payment instructions first. 

Payment Option Types are:  Credit Card, Cash, Check, Purchase Order

Credit Card Payment

When creating an order, the payment type defaults to Credit Card.  If processing an order linked to a customer record, there is an option to Save or Do Not Save the credit card (token) to the customer record. If processing a quicksale, there is no option to save the credit card on file. Select the desired option, and click Place Order.

Review the payment(s) and click PAY to launch the credit card entry form or CANCEL to return to the POS.

The gateway payform will open.  Swipe, dip the chip, or begin entering the credit card details.  If manually entering, it is best to include the cardholder's name and CVV code in addition to the primary account number and expiration date.  Select Securely Process Payment - this will tokenize the credit card and attempt to authorize/capture funds.

If the authorization is successful, the payform will close, and the Approved message will be displayed along with the order number.  Click 'X' to close the message window and begin another order.

Cash Payment

Select Cash in the payment type drop-down menu.  Enter the total amount of cash the customer has given, and click Place Order.  The Amount field will auto-populate with the order total.  

Enter the amount of cash being tendered, any balance due back to the customer for change will auto-calculate. 

Check Payment

Select Check in the payment type drop-down menu. Enter the check number, and confirm the total amount > Place Order.

Note: For information on processing Purchase Order payments, get instructions in this article.

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