In Spring of 2023 we added the ability to create Vouchers, and use them as tender in the POS.

Helpful Details About Vouchers:

  • To create Vouchers the User Permission "Vouchers" must be granted.
  • Vouchers are created outside of eCELLAR and can be distributed as the winery desires.
  • Voucher must be added to the ACP and can be used as tender in the POS.
  • Best Practice is to make sure all Sales Reps / Users know that vouchers should be treated as cash.

Voucher Case / Workflow:

  1. The winery adds a Voucher for Vino Bike Tours (for example) in the ACP.
  2. Vouchers are produced (outside of eCELLAR) for Vino Bike Tours.
  3. Vino Bike Tours distributes vouchers as they see fit or as agreed upon with the winery.
  4. A customer / guest arrives at the winery and uses the voucher for payment.
  5. In the POS, the voucher payment method is selected, and the Vino Bike Tours Voucher is selected.
  6. The voucher value is entered.
  7. The order is saved or processed accordingly.
  8. The processed voucher payments are marked as Paid.
  9. The user abides by the winery's SOP for handling used vouchers.

Creating a Voucher Type:

  1. Under the Company Tab choose Vouchers > click Add Voucher in the top right of the screen.
  2. Enter the Voucher Type Name, click the box for Active, and Save.

Using a Voucher as Tender in the POS:

  1. Customer account is associated with the order (best practice, not mandatory).
  2. Product is added to the order, as usual.
  3. Payments: For one payment choose the tender type Voucher.

  1. Select the Voucher.

  1. Enter the voucher amount and, if necessary add and confirm the balance for a second payment > PLACE ORDER.


  • In the ACP, vouchers may be flagged Active or Inactive. Inactive vouchers will not be listed in the POS, except when already used in a saved order.
  • Vouchers may not be used on web sites.
  • Voucher information will be shown on all receipts and order detail views.

Vouchers Search and Reports:

  • Search: Voucher data can be searched for using the Payment Search form:
    • Inactive vouchers remain for search.
    • For Enterprise clients the brand is identified.

  • Reports: Voucher data is reported in the Payment Type report in both General and Finance report categories.
  • Vouchers are also present in Reports > Printable > Print With Page Breaks
    • The Voucher Type name is used when voucher payments are present in the order.

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