Club Batch Settlement

The Club Settlement Transaction Status table provides at-a-glance view of all shipment events, orders created and orders paid, by ship status.  Tools are also available to initiate bulk auth/capture for unpaid orders per batch. 

Permission Required:  To access the Club Settlement page, your user account must be enabled with the top-level permission for Wine Club which includes the sub-menu options. To initiate Bulk Auth/Capture from the Club Settlement list, the sub-permission for Allow Wine Club Bulk Auth is also required. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Shipment Event Name All club shipment events are listed based on their shipment event ID, and will sort with the newest events at the top.
Subscribers Subscriber count includes all active subscriptions, in real-time and will update as more subscribers are added. Keep in mind that suspended subscriptions are still considered active.
Total Orders Includes all orders linked to the Club Event ID with only these billing statuses: Not Paid, Authorized CC, Declined CC, Partial Paid, Paid.
Paid Orders Includes only Paid orders that are assigned to the Club Shipment Event. (Includes pre-batch and remix orders.)
% Paid Percentage of orders created that are paid. (After bulk auth/capture, this is your "Capture Rate").
Orders Not Paid Orders in the Shipment Event that are not paid (Can include declines too.).
Charge Cards This function will submit the Club Event to bulk Auth/Capture for payment processing on any orders that are not already paid.  (User Permission Required.) 
Paid Orders for Pickup Jump to a list of orders that are Paid and in a To Pick Up status.
Paid Orders Pending Ship A list of orders that have the billing status of Paid, and shipping status of Unshipped.

Best Practice: Keep a watchful eye on the total Subscriber count, and the Total Orders count.  This is a great way to double-check that all orders have been created, and also to avoid any duplicate orders too!

Learn more about Bulk Auth/Capture in this Article

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