Process Wish Grants

The individual wish grant utility allows for customized wish granting at the individual order level and processing of grants in batches by tier.  In this method, each product granted will add a new product line to the original order and create a second payment line for the new products added.  The Wish Grant Utility will automatically apply additional shipping charges and tax based on the new products added to the order.  Processing wish grants is a two step workflow:

  1. Complete and upload the Wish Grant spreadsheet
  2. Process the uploaded file using the Individual Wish Grant Utility

Wish granting typically occurs at the end of an allocation release.  Granting wishes during the allocation event can be tricky and is not recommended without first consulting with the Support Team for instructions. 

Permission Required:  To access all Allocation tools, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Allocation to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Terminology and Definitions

Qty Quantity The product quantity purchased on an order
QtyR Quantity Requested The amount of additional product the customer wished for
QtyG Quantity Granted The amount of additional product granted via the wish grant upload in step #1
QtyF Quantity Fulfilled The amount of additional product fulfilled (added to the order) by processing the wish grant utility in step #2

To review a quick summary of all products and wish request totals, start with an Order Search and Product Collapsed report. The Quantity column is the total of products already sold.  The Quantity Req. column is the total of all wish requests for each product.

Extra Requests File for Wish Granting

When the allocation event is closed, begin the wish grant process by using Order Search to locate and export the orders with wish requests. 


Export Extra Requests File  

- From the Admin Control Panel go to: Search > Orders > Search and Clear All. In the Search form, enter the following criteria:
     - Billing Status: Paid (only if orders are payment captured at time of sale, otherwise include Paid and Not Paid). 
     - Back Office Criteria: Select all Allocation Events for this release period, and select Extra requests = Yes.
- Show Orders > At result list use the Select Action menu to choose Export Orders.
- Select to export the Extra Requests spreadsheet and download the file.


Prepare the Extra Requests Spreadsheet

- In the Excel file, complete Column K for Grant Quantity.
Enter the quantity you wish to grant for each row.  If wishes are not granted, leave cell blank.  Do not enter zeros (0). 
- Save the file with a unique filename, such as 18R1_extra_requests_ today's date.
- Do not modify or add any columns to the final spreadsheet. 


Upload the Extra Requests Spreadsheet

- Navigate to Allocation > Upload Wish Grants.
- Browse and Upload the completed file from Step #2.
- Review the number of purchase lines (product lines) added to the total orders.  This should match the sum of Column K in the wish grant file. 

Be Careful: During the two-step wish granting process, allocation orders with extra requests should not be modified from its original state.

  • Do not process any credits or returns
  • Do not change the Ship address
  • Do not change the ship status
  • Do not modify orders in the POS

Individual Wish Grant Utility


Process Wish Grants by Allocation Event

- Go to Allocation > Individual Wish Grant Utility
- Check desired Allocation Event - only select 1 event at a time.
- Select Preview Results and review the order statistics populated on the right side of the screen.
- Select Update Orders - this will add the additional product lines to each order, and add a new payment record for the additional balance added.      Regardless of the beginning billing status, orders will now be in a Partial Paid billing status.  
- The utility will process in batches of approx. 200 orders. Repeat until there are no more wishes to grant.
- Continue to process wish grants tier by tier until all grants are processed.


Extra Step – Best Practice: Tag Granted Orders

Once orders have been granted and fulfilled in batches by tier, it's helpful to tag the orders for easy search-ability in the future for reporting and additional receipt (and campaign) activity. Create Order Tags to easily identify each batch of granted orders using the steps below:

- Go to Order > Tags and create a category for your allocation release (you may have already done this) and create a new tag named: Wishes granted - today's date
- Next go to Search > Orders > Search and Clear All. In the search form enter this criteria:
     - Create Date Range: From and To (spanning the dates of the allocation release)
     - Billing Status: Partial Paid
     - Order Source: Allocation
     - Back Office Criteria: Extra requests = Yes
Show Orders > At result list use the Select Action menu to choose Bulk Modify
- Select to bulk modify Order Tags
- Then choose the new Wishes granted Tag from the list > Submit


Process Payments

- Go to  Search > Orders > Search and Clear All. In the search form enter this criteria:
     - Create Date Range: From and To (spanning the dates of the allocation release)
(or skip the date search, and select the Wishes granted order tag  from step #5.
     - Billing Status: Partial Paid
     - Order Source: Allocation
     - Back Office Criteria: Extra requests = Yes
- Show Orders > use the function toolbar to select Pick Records
- Expand the result list to up to 500 orders to create a batch for payment processing
- Use the Select Action menu to choose Auth/Capture Orders
- Continue to process batches for bulk auth/capture until all orders are submitted. 

Need more help with Bulk Auth/Capture for payment processing?  Learn all the details in this Article.  

Now is a great time to send a campaign or a custom receipt message to notify customers' of their updated orders and fulfilled wish requests.  Get help with Custom Receipts in this Article and learn about Campaigns  in this Article

Note: When order's payment declines during bulk auth/capture, the billing status of the order remains unchanged, and will still be either Not Paid, or Partial Paid, depending on it's original status.  A memo will be added to the order's Internal Comments with the decline response.

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