Tock Experience Mapping

The Tock Experience Mapping tool can be found within the Reservations Manager Menu.  To access, the user must have the requisite permission (see for further information on Permissions).

Clicking the link will bring up the Tock Experiences Page where you can enter new Experiences or edit existing ones. Note, the Tock Importer will populate existing Tock Experiences on its first run but it is the responsibility of the User to map the experiences.

When adding a New Tock Experience it is important that the name entered in eCELLAR match the name of the Experience in Tock. You will be able to choose the Location and Reservation Type based on the existing Reservation Types and Locations that have been entered in the Reservations Manager. Duration can be any positive integer number of minutes but please keep in mind the calendar only displays in 15 minute intervals.

When Editing a Tock Experience, the name of the User who created and last modified the Experience will be displayed.  The "Created" field will read by Import for imported Tock Experiences.

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