User Permissions and Terminology

User Permissions and Terminology

The user manager section is considered high-level access and is permission / IP restriction based. It allows a user to Create, Edit, Enable and Disable user permissions. The Module Permissions screen displays all the modules available to a user. Check the box in the Access column to give access to the module for the selected user.  Don't forget to click [save changes] at the bottom of the screen.

IP restrictions, or locks, require the user to have the IP address(es) from the location they are logging in from in their User Account. Each user can have up to 15 approved IP addresses in their account at a time so access to eCellar can be from several locations. If you try to login and see the message "Invalid Authentication", the new IP address needs to be validated to authorize your login. Submit the IP address from the eCellar login page to the Support Team at and Support will add this IP address and grant to access to eCellar. The IP address can easily be identified on the eCELLAR Administrative Control Panel Log-in Page:

Admin Panel (ACP) All users must have this permission. It enables the Administrative Control Panel (ACP) which houses all parent permissions and at minimum allows the user to reset their own password
Allocation   Create, Edit and Manage Allocation Tiers & Events
Campaign  (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Create, Edit and Manage Campaigns

- Add/Download/Delete Wrappers: Manage and store wrappers. Designers should have this permission. 

Company (parent permission required for sub-perms)

This permissions allows access to the following:

- General Info: Contact information for sales, wine club, and reservations, Master Company Settings including web store

- Locations: Create and Manage Inventory Location and Physical Location Settings

- Txn Source Locations: Assign Transaction Sources to Inventory Locations

These are separate permissions under this category:

- Gift Cards:  Allows the user to access and search the gift card ledger.

- Vouchers:  Allows the user to have visibility of the Voucher creation screen and create/edit vouchers.

- Payment Gateway:  This is a high-level permission that only one or two managers should have access to  and requires IP lock. Provides the ability to edit the payment gateway settings

Content (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Manage the product on your web site. Create, Manage, and Edit Deep Links, Magic Links. Create a QR Code.

- Allow Edit Email Templates: Allows edits to 'automatic' consumer and admin email templates such as Consumer Club Join, Consumer Password Reset, Admin Account Created, and several more.

- Asset Manager:  This is a high-level permission and requires IP lock. Image directory for Email Campaigns. Designers should have access to this.

Customers (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Create, Edit and View Customer Records 

- Allow Customer Export:  This is a high-level permission and requires IP lock. Provides the ability to export customers information from your database into an excel file

- Customer Dedupe: Merge duplicate records

Discount Engine (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Create, Edit and Manage Product and Shipping Discounts

- Allow Adjustments: Perform adjustments or deductions of inventory

Events Manager Not in use
Inventory (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Create, Edit and Manage Inventory Locations

- Allow Adjustments: Perform adjustments or deductions of inventory

Orders (parent permission required for sub-perms)

View Orders

- Allow Brand Change:  This is a high-level permission that only one or two managers should have access to.

- Allow Edit Closed Order: Edit a closed order 

- Allow Edit Sales Rep:  This is a high-level permission that only one or two managers should have access to.

- Allow Order Close: Close an order. (Mainly used if your brand closes orders to send to Navision or Great Plains)

- Allow Unsafe Exports:  No longer in use

- Custom Receipts: Manage and Send custom order receipts. Designers should have access to this.

- Multi-Ship: Set up and perform Multi-Ship

POS (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Enables POS functionality from the ACP

- Allow Discount Override: Ability to override an automated discount or apply a manual discount 

- Allow Inventory Override: Ability to pull inventory from a location other than the default 

- Allow Open / Close Terminal: Ability to open the terminal and close it 

- Allow Open Cash Drawer: Ability to open the cash drawer 

- Allow Returns & Credits: Ability to process returns or credits 

- Allow Voids: Ability to Void an order 

- Quick User Change Manager: Ability to edit the quick user change menu

- Terminal Manager: Ability to Add, Register, Un-register & Re-register Terminals

Products (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Create, Edit and View Products

- Allow Sell Limits: Manage product quantities

- Product Personalization: Not in use

Reports (parent permission required for sub-perms)

- Allocation Manager: Allocation reports 

- Club Manager: Wine Club reports 

- Company Manager: Company reports 

- Reservation Manager: Reservation reports 

- Tasting Room Manager: Tasting Room reports

Reservation Manager (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Enables Calendar and Booking Agents functionality from the ACP

- Admin: Create, Edit and View Calendar Reservations

- Read Only: View Calendar Reservations only

Shipping (parent permission required for sub-perms)

Provides access to Shipping Zones and Methods, Package Types for Shipping Manager, and Utilities: Add Ship Tracking (manually add tracking information)

- Ship Manager: Multi order shipments with one billing customer. IE.: Corporate Gifting. 

Task Manager Not yet in use
Taxes & Fees 

Override Built-in Tax Service, Manage Tax Rates and Tax on Shipping. Access to manage locally imposed compliance fees.


Highest level permission in eCELLAR. Allows granting of additional permissions, access to the Exchange API User Permissions (For information on eCellar eXchange (REST) Open API usage, please refer to our Swagger Doc). IP restriction is required for this permission

Wholesale Not yet in use
Wine Club

Create, Edit and Manage Wine Club Tiers & Events

- Allow Wine Club Bulk Auth: Capture Wine Club Events in bulk 

- Allow Wine Club Ship Method Override: Override a club member's shipping method preference from their individual club preferences

- Wine Club Read Only: Allows navigation on the Wine Club module only and not effect a club

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