Magic Links

Launched to eCellar on February 10, 2020

Now, with eCellar Campaign Manager, your customers can reach the point of action in one click!

Magic Links create a one-click environment that allows your customers automatically log in to their account from email campaigns that you create. The options include direct links to manage account details, join or edit a club subscription, make allocation or club ReMix purchases, or book a reservation, or land on a specifically designated page on your winery web site; all without having to recall a password or click through a number of screens.

A few important characteristics of Magic Links:

  • They do NOT work in preview mode when testing your campaign - you need to launch an actual test email campaign to verify that your Magic Links are correctly configured for the desired use.
  • They EXPIRE when either of these cases are reached first:
    • Clicked up to 5 times
    • 30 days from the campaign run date

How to create and use Magic Links

Location in ACP Menu: Content -> DW Magic Links

Note: You must have permissions to Content and Campaigns to access this feature! 

Setting up a new Magic Link:

To create a new Magic Link, click Add Magic Link in the upper right hand corner and complete the form. Please note that all fields are required unless otherwise noted.

  • Name the link - This will be visible in your email, but can be edited once loaded in the email body.
  • Choose the Target - This is where the customer will land on your web site after being automatically logged in.

Magic Link Targets - 

Abandoned Cart    
With the click of this link customers are presented a link to rehydrate the cart they abandoned, and presented for checkout.

When consumers click on this link they will be automatically logged into the website AND specific products and quantities will be added to their cart, showing them the View Cart with the entire cart's contents.
To build the link: Chose Target: Add To Cart, name the link as desired, then add the product(s) and quantity > SAVE

Customers will be taken to a  very specific & custom location on your winery website: Featured product, Library Wines, wines only available to Wine Club members, etc..

Note: The Link must be the relative path beginning with a forward slash:   /account/?view=allocation

To build the link: From the page you wish to deposit the customer on your web site, copy a portion of the URL and paste it into the Data field of the Magic Link.

If the link is entered incorrectly this window will appear. Click Continue. The link will likely auto-correct to the path beginning with a forward slash. If not, confirm the URL information has been copied accurately.

If needed, you can confirm link path by clicking on the hyperlinked Magic Link name from the Magic Link list (in this case "New Vintage").

Book a Reservation
Customers will be taken to the Booking Agent page on your web site, with their account information already associated.
A specific Booking Agent must be designated. See this article regarding Booking Agents.
The number of guests and date can also be designated. These will appear, but the customer will be able to make changes on the landing page.

Create a Remix Order
Choose the Remix Event (optional). If one is chosen that will be the landing with no other remix order options.
If no Remix Event is chosen AND the customer has one or more available, all active remixes will be visible, allowing customers to customize all active / current Remix events.

Declined Credit Card
Customers will land in their personal 'My Account' page on your web site and see this notice indicating declined order(s) to resolve.
They have two hyperlinked options to click and make updates.

o Upon clicking either, customers will see this view in which they can choose the order(s) and update the payment method.

Edit a Club Subscription
The customer will be shown the shipping address and the credit card information (last 4 digits) for update, and can add shipping addresses and/or credit card information.

Join a Club
Account information will be visible for confirmation or edit or will be requested.
It will list all available subscription types, but automatically select the tier that is specified in the magic link setup. 

My Account
With the click of this link customers land on their main account page. If there is an active allocation or Club remix, those are

My Allocation
Assuming the customer has an active allocation, the link will land them on this page

   If there is not an active allocation, then the customer will be notified.

Magic Link - Use in Email Campaigns

Much like Merge Fields, Magic Links can be added by simply choosing the desired link from the Magic Link pull-down menu in the campaign builder.

Pro Tip: Adding a Magic Link to an Image

Insert the desired Magic Link into the body of your campaign. Click the cursor into the middle of the Magic Link hyperlink, insert the image. Now delete the link text on either side of the image. 
This is also how you can edit the text of a link: Type the desired text in the middle of the hyperlink, and delete the surrounding unwanted text.

Launch a test email to confirm you have not deleted the entire Magic Link.

IMPORTANT: Customer Groups, Magic Links, and Email Campaign Types

Magic Links visibility will vary in the Campaign Editor in the 3 different campaign types (as defined by the search type):
See this article regarding Email Campaigns

  • Customer Search (saved group) is needed for  
    • Add to Cart
    • Abandoned Cart
    • Anywhere
    • Book a Reservation
    • Declined Orders 
    • Join a Club
    • My Account  
    • My Allocation  
  • Membership Search (saved group) is needed for 
    • Add to Cart
    • Abandoned Cart 
    • Anywhere
    • Book a Reservation
    • Create a Remix Order 
    • Declined Orders 
    • My Account 
    • My Allocation 
    • Edit a Club Subscription 

NOTE: Membership campaigns are sent on a per-subscription bases: If a customer has 3 (active) Remix subscriptions, they will receive 3 emails, one for each subscription.  

BEST PRACTICE: Create the Membership group (email target) to be for a single specific club tier when using the Create a Remix and Edit Club Subscription magic links, AND refer to the tier in the body of the email. (ex. : Dear Member, It's time to take X action before we send out your "Tier 1" shipment.)

  • Reservation Search (saved group) is needed for 
    • Add to Cart
    • Anywhere
    • Book a Reservation
    • Declined Orders Abandoned Car
    • Join a Club
    • My Account  
    • My Allocation  

REMEMBER:  As with all email campaigns, send previews, "pre-launch" to a test group to review links, and & test, test, test!

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