Campaign Types

Campaigns are categorized by three different  Campaign Types: Customers, Memberships and Reservations.  

When creating a new campaign, first select the Campaign Type. To decide on the type consider the recipient audience and which type of search criteria will create the best group (especially for automated campaigns) and look at the merge field options you'll want to include in the campaign content.  

The Campaign Type controls the available merge fields and the target recipient groups based on a saved search.  Campaigns can be created for any of these types including for Reservations if your winery uses the ResMgr module, and for Memberships if your winery uses the Wine Club module.  All pre-existing campaigns created prior to 4/27/17 are Customer type campaigns, because they are tied to  customer groups from criteria in a customer search. 

Merge Fields

New  Merge Fields are available based on the selected Campaign Type.  For Reservations and Membership campaigns, nearly every corresponding data-point is available as a merge field; and for Customer campaigns, the existing merge fields are still available plus a few more.  Below are links to a few examples of campaigns with new merge fields in action.  Additionally, each Campaign Type has a reference page for a complete list content merge fields available.


All existing (legacy) campaigns are Customer Type campaigns;  because they are sent to customer groups, and based on customer search criteria. Existing campaigns may be changed to a new campaign type.  Use some caution, we recommend creating a copy first, then editing the copy and converting it to the desired campaign type.  When a campaign type is changed, a warning will display to alert the user about potential merge fields that may be unavailable with the new campaign type. Remember, each set of merge fields is specific to the type of campaign.  If you switch types and a merge field from their prior type is still in the subject or body, it will be removed (automatically) when they switch. Be sure to check the result after switching.


In addition to the standard customer merge fields, you can now add personalized information specific to each member's subscription details, including club tier, pickup or ship preferences, billing and shipping address and credit card details. 

Warning: When merging Club Tier Name:  Go to Club > Tiers and edit EACH tier to create a Public Tier Name which will be used as the merge field information.  Many wineries use internal tier names, so we're providing you with a great tool to customize how each tier name is publicly presented.


Create automated, daily-recurring campaigns for reservation reminders including all reservation details such as the reservation type, guest name, date and time, in addition to many more available merge fields for reservations!  Stay tuned for the Training Guide later today!

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