Preview and Test ReMix Setup Online

Release Note:  On January 23, 2018 the Wine Club Module was upgraded with new features.  Primarily in this set of changes was the long awaited release of Club Remix!  Remix is a new type of club shipment event that allows your customers to personalize their upcoming wine club order using a mobile-friendly online portal on your website.

A Remix Club Shipment should be carefully tested online to preview before customers are invited to access their account.  The best way to test an event setup is to login to the My Account section of the website using your own customer account or a generic test customer account.  

To set up a test customer account, be sure to include these items:

  • The customer record has an active club subscription.
  • The club subscription tier matches a club shipment event with remix options.
  • The remix shipment event is active, and the remix date range is adjusted to match the day of testing.

The Customer Experience

For Club remix, there are two additions to the public-side of eCellar-hosted pages: 

  1. On the My Account home page, a customer will see a new option at the top of the list to Customize Upcoming Membership Order.
  2. The new club remix tool is a single-page app within the My Account area.  

The screenshots below are shown in both desktop and mobile versions to display examples of the customer experience online.  

Website My Account Login

Enter the credentials for username and password for the test customer account.

New option to Customize Membership Order

This menu option will only display if the customer has any remixes available based on their club subscription status, and their shipment event settings.  

Remix Club Subscription List

All available club subscriptions (memberships) will display, grouped by club event. If a customer has more than one membership available with remix options, each will display in a list.  To begin, click on the Customize this Order button. 

Mobile View Example

Club Remix Editor

The remix Introductory Message displays (from the shipment event setup), remix requirements will display (if any are set up), Included products will display as the standard items in order, and additional Offered products will display below.  If items are set to be editable, then the quantity selector will be enabled as a drop-down menu, set using the minimum and maximum from the product settings.  to continue, modify the product quantities until the remix requirements are met, then click to review the order. 

Mobile View Example

Standard Items

Item is enabled for customer edits

Item has product description added

Additional Offered Items

Once order selections are completed, and any requirements have been met for the order, select Review Order to continue. 

Review Order

Shows information to review all order details: Pickup or Ship address, Payment information, Selected products, quantities and discounts, Subtotal and Order Total.  Click Create Order to submit order.

Orders are created with the following information:
- Billing status is Not Paid
- Customer ID and Customer Club Subscription
- Date and server time (PST) order is created
- Is flagged as a remix order, and searchable in Order Search form
- Payment Type is CC, and includes the card linked to the customer's club subscription
- Order Channel (source) is Club
- Order shipping status will be with To Pick Up or Unshipped (depending on the customer's subscription preference)

Mobile View Example

Order Confirmation

Order summary displays the Thank You message from the club event setup, Order ID, Order Total and button to view the completed order invoice.  Be sure to give the customer helpful information and what to expect next for their order. 

Mobile View Example

Order Receipt

The customer will also receive an automatic custom receipt email when their order is created.  Be sure to create a custom message and set up the Remix receipt Template.

All custom receipts are set up in Orders > Utilities > Custom Receipts > Setup.  And if needed, learn all about Custom Receipts in this Article

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