Custom Receipts Templates

A Custom Receipt is an email receipt received by the customer  There are various templates for customer receipts, which can be customized and used for different communications with customers.  Two Custom Receipt templates are used for automatic receipts, and all other templates are used only for sending bulk receipts to a batch of orders. 

Custom Receipt Types

There are seven receipt templates available, and each are titled for recommended uses; however each winery may decide to create and use these templates for anything!

Initial Order This is an automatic receipt sent for all web orders (both general store and allocation orders.)
Order Charged Can be used for updating customers when payment has been processed.
Wishes Granted/Filled Update customers when wishes have been granted, and order contents are finalized.
Order Shipped Alert customers when order has shipped.  If tracking numbers have been imported back into the order detail from ShipCompliant service or from the Ship Tracking upload, the tracking information and hyperlink to the shipper will be available in the receipt content. 
Return/Credit Inform customer when an order has been refunded or credited. Best used with orders that have a "Credit" billing status.
Declined Alert customers when the payment has declined on an order, and needs attention.
Club Remix This automatic receipt is sent to the customer when a club remix order has been created online. 

Receipt Subject

Email receipts can have a custom subject line, including the Brand Name and the Order ID.  We also recommend adding additional content to the subject to alert customers of any action required.  For example: "Payment Issue: XYZ Winery Order 1234"  or "Your Wishes are Granted on XYZ Winery Order"


A receipt template is similar to an email campaign wrapper.  This includes a Header file and a Footer file, often with an image and styling attributes for the content in the message. Most wineries have at least one template created and available.  Be sure to select the desired file in the Header Template and Footer Template drop-down options.  If you do not have a receipt Header and Footer available, please contact the Support Team for assistance.  

Best Practice: We love the idea of having special receipt templates for different departments.  An initial order receipt can have a different image and message than all wine club receipts. 

Customize the Content

Each template can have a personal message in the receipt content. Use the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to add a personalized message for the customer, and explain the nature of the receipt.  Be sure to keep the Initial Order template generic and useful for all customers and order types, so it can easily apply to both POS orders and online orders. 

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