Customer Tags

Customer Tags are a unique way to identify and segment customer records.  Tags are organized within Categories, and are incredibly useful to track information about specific customers.  Tags can be assigned to a customer directly in an individual's customer card or to a large set of customers using bulk modify.  Then, using search to locate customers based on one or more tags is a great way to create target customer groups for campaigns.  

Permission Required:  To access the customer tools, your user account must be enabled with the permission to access the main menu for Customers.
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Best Practice: Here's a few examples how to use customer tags.
1. Create a tag for customers with a ship state currently on weather-hold to easily communicate with them regarding order status. 
2. We love the idea of a tag category for wine preferences by type or varietal too! 
3. Or even a tag for customers who have multiple homes, or a summer vacation residence to remind them when it's time to restock the wine cooler. :) 

Create and Manage Customer Tags

Customer tags can be viewed, created and organized in the Customer Tags page. From the Admin Control Panel (ACP) navigate to Customers > Tags. The table of existing customer tags will display. For a brand new database, there may be no tag categories created or there may be tags used from the initial data import process. 

To add a new Tag Category (if it doesn't already exist) click on New Category.

Enter a new Category Name and choose the display option: checkboxes or drop-down menu.  Then click OK.

Category Name The category name is used to label and organize the tags within the category
Display as Option: checkboxes or drop-down menu
Checkboxes allow for multi-select within a category
A drop-down functions as a single selector for a category. (see examples below.)
Public This is a custom feature to display questions and options for customers to select on the join list page of the website. Custom programming is required.  Contact the support Team for more information. 

How Customer Tags display in the customer card

Select the Category to add tags to. In the New Tag field type the name of the new tag, then click  Enter/Return to add the new tag. Continue adding all the tags to the category.  more tags can also be added later too!

Edit Customer Tags

To change an existing category name or tag name, click the  edit-pencil to re-name each one.  Changing an existing customer tag will also update all associated customer records. Tags and Categories can also be re-organized and sorted using the arrows-icon to drag n' drop to a new location.  Categories and Tags can only be moved within their respective lists. 

Delete Customer Tag Categories or Tags

To delete a Tag Category or a specific Tag, use the trash-can icon.  When a Tag Category is deleted, all associated tags are also deleted and removed from customer records.  When an individual tag is deleted, it is removed from all assigned customer records too.  And, a customer record can only be deleted is there are no associated customer tags.

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