Bulk Modify Customer Records

The Bulk Modify tool allows you to take a customer search result set and bulk change or update specific information within each individual customer record all at once. The following list of customer record data points can be changed using the Bulk Modify tool:

Add Note Bulk update customer records with an  account or personal note
Add/Remove Tags Bulk add or remove customer tags
Assign Customer Type Bulk change the Customer Type
Assign Allocation Tier Bulk change the Allocation tier
Change Active Status Bulk change the customer's status to active or inactive

Example of Bulk Modify customer results

Note: To Bulk Modify customer records by adding Customer Tags, be sure to go to Customer > Tags and create the tags to use, before beginning the steps below. 

How To Bulk Modify

Begin with a Customer Search.  Entered the desired criteria into the search form, and Show Customers to view the results. 
At the customer result list, use the  Select Action menu Choose Bulk Modify.
Select the desired customer attribute to bulk update and add a note to describe the change.   (Notes are automatically date and time stamped with the username too.)
Click Bulk Modify Records to complete the changes. 

Be Careful: All Bulk Modify options require an account note with the exception of adding/removing tags.  Bulk modifying customer records can be destructive to your database if a mistake is made.  Use Caution! A Note helps track major database changes to provide a failsafe incase the update needs to be undone. 

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