Campaign Metrics and Statistics

Campaign metrics provide quick and easy statistics for each campaign launch, including multiple and recurring sends of a single campaign. 

Campaign statistics can be accessed from the Campaign List.  Results can also be identified using order search or customer search. 

These metrics are used to view sent emails, customers with blank or invalid emails that were included in the target group, and opened emails.  

Helpful Campaign Metrics

Send Rate: This is the number of outbound emails sent in your campaign. 

Delivery Rate: The number of emails actually delivered to recipient’s inboxes divided by the number of emails sent in the Campaign. 

Bounce Rate: The number of emails in your campaign that were NOT delivered.

Hard Bounce – A hard bounce is a permanently undeliverable email.  For example, an invalid or blank email address or one that not longer exists. 

Soft Bounce – An email address that is temporarily undeliverable, such as the recipient’s mailbox is full. 

Unsubscribe Rates: This is the number of customers in a campaign who have unsubscribed from your list in response to a mailing sent. 

Open Rates: Open Rate is a measure of how many people in your Target Customer Group open a particular email campaign.  This is calculated by dividing the number of emails opened by the total of emails sent.  

Managing Blank/Invalid emails:  A blank email means there is no email address in the Customer Card.  An Invalid email address could mean the address no longer exists or it was typed incorrectly.  Invalid emails can be found and corrected using the email validator tool.   And blank emails can be found using customer search, or using the hyperlink from campaign statistics. 

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