Send a batch of Orders for Fulfillment

Orders that are  PAID and have PASSED compliance can be sent in batch for fulfillment via the ShipCompliance service.  To prepare a batch of orders for shipment, begin with an Order Search.  When a batch of orders is set for fulfillment it will be processed within one hour, on the next cycle of the webservice with ShipCompliant.  Batches can be set up to 1000 orders at a time.  For more than 1000 orders, scroll to the next page of order search results, and check the Ship box in the header column.

Warning: Do not create partial return orders if you use the ShipCompliant webservice. Only the base (original) order information is sent; ignoring the partial return amount, meaning too much wine will be shipped to the customer.

Create and Submit a Batch of Orders for Shipment 

Begin at Order > Search and be sure to Clear form then select the following criteria:
- Create date range (based on desired results)
- Billing status = PAID
- Shipping status = Unshipped & Hold Ship
- Compliance = Passed   
Then  Show Orders

Best Practice: Use a saved order search for all paid, unshipped/hold ship, and passed compliance orders.

At the order results list expand the viewing list to include all orders in result set, then check the Ship checkbox at the top of the column once to trigger the entire list (up to 1000 orders).  If there are more than 1000 orders, scroll to the next page and repeat until all orders have a black checkmark.  All selected orders will se batched and sent in bulk to ShipCompliant on the next hourly cycle.  
Orders will be updated in ShipCompliant to a sent to fulfillment status with the corresponding fulfillment house information and the ship method. Once updated, the orders will be visible to your shipper and will be updated once they are retrieved into the fulfillment system.

Be Careful: Once an order has been checked in the Ship box to send to shipper, do not recheck compliance - this will resets the status within ShipCompliant.  The status will be reset to payment accepted, and it will no longer be available for fulfillment.  

Once ShipCompliant accepts the orders and your fulfillment house begins processing, tracking information will be pulled back down into eCellar automatically (every night) through the ShipCompliant service.  This will automatically update the order shipping status to Shipped and/or Delivered, as this information becomes available.  The service will continue for 14-days to update ship status and tracking information, beginning from the date it was sent to shipper.  

Optional: Update orders to Exported Status

When orders are triggered to Ship via the ShipCompliant webservice, the shipping status will remain unshipped until new information is received for tracking and delivery. If you prefer the ship status to update to exported, follow these steps: 

At the same order search results from above, use the Select Action menu to choose Export Orders.

Select a fulfillment house from the list and continue.  The ORDER EXPORT routine will change status to exported.  Then (optional) download the file.  DO NOT select to email the file to your fulfillment house. 

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