Club Membership Metrics (Reports)

Membership (Wine Club) Reports provide detailed views of metrics and performance of club memberships and spending habits of members. For reservation performance, attendance, referral tracking and more. Five reports are available to view, print and export; each flexible by date range.  

Permission Required:  To access the membership reports, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Reports menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the sub-menu option for Clubs
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To view wine club reports, begin in the Admin Control Panel and navigate to Reports > Clubs.  Data for report viewing can be sourced two ways: 

  1. Using the Date Pickers
  2. Loading a saved or current Membership Type Search

All reports will default to the current month date range. To view a specific date range, click into the start or end date fields and use the calendar to select a new date. Or, use the drop-down menu to select a saved (or current session) reservation search. 

To populate a report, click on a  Report Title tabs to view the results. 

Wine Club Reports by Type

Club Tiers Report

Report of current club statistics by membership tier.  The date selectors are ignored and real-time information is displayed.

Average Club Sales by Tier/Channel

Club tier report showing additional sales by channel based on the date range of the selected. Only paid, credit and refunded orders made by active club members are reported.  This report shows the lift of revenue generated from club members' spending habits in other sales channels.  

Club Tenure

All parts of date selector are used to filter club members by signup date.  To capture actual tenure metrics, adjust the start date of the date selectors so the range spans the full duration of your club.  Be sure the start date is set prior to the first club signup in the database. 

Club Attrition

Club attrition Report to show gains/losses for the time period. All parts of date selector are used to filter signup, hold and cancel dates. Only the cancel reasons used within the date range appear. This report counts SUBSCRIPTIONS, not customers.

Club Detail Report

This report includes most data points of a club subscription including sales reps. All parts of date selector is used to filter active members by club signup date.

Custom Club Detail

The custom club detail report is used only for custom club tiers.  All parts of the date selector are used to filter signup date for active club members.

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