Inventory Reports

Products by Channel Report

Most reports available in eCellar are driven by the products sold per order which generate revenue for items sold, tax and shipping.  With the Inventory Module, an additional report is available for cost of goods analysis, as well as pre-release revenue and post-release revenue. This report is also a useful data spreadsheet to download into excel, and pivot data by saled channel.

To view Product by Channel report go to: Reports > Company > Product by Channel.

The data for this reports is generated from (optional) fields in the Inventory SKU setup. 

 To use the COGs and the release date to track revenue, be sure to fill in these fields in the Inventory > Admin > SKU setup.  Need some help with creating inventory SKUs? Check out the instructions in this Article

Inventory SKU Transaction Reports

Inventory transactions can be reviewed using a search tool in the Inventory Module.  This is a handy way to troubleshoot a discrepancy in physical counts vs. on hand inventory; especially if a transfer or adjustment was misplaced or wasn't entered into eCellar.  Before jumping into the SKU transaction reports, it's a good idea to review the inventory transaction codes  in this Article. If you're already a pro and understand the difference between a2i and i2p, then read on!

To view a Transaction History report go to: Products> Inventory > Reports > Transaction History.  Select a specific location, and pick a date range to review. 

View All History for a Location

View All History for a Single SKU

View Order Transaction History

In the Order Detail scroll down to the bottom to view the Inventory Transaction History, and review the detail of each SKU, the location, and the date/time of each SKU movement.  

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