Create an Inventory SKU

The inventory SKU represents a single product unit, and tracks the depletion of SKU units as products are sold to prevent the overselling.  Each Inventory SKU is linked to a product.  Before sales of any product occur, the inventory SKU must be created and linked to the product, and beginning inventory counts added to each location. 

Permission Required:  To access the inventory settings, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Product menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the sub-menu option for  Inventory

Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To create an inventory SKU begin at the Admin Control Panel (ACP) and navigate to Products > Inventory > Admin > SKUs.  Select to Add New Inventory item link. 

Complete the appropriate fields then Save the SKU.  Once a SKU is created, it cannot be deleted.  Be very careful! 

Required fields for wine products are highlighted. For Merchandise you would enter sku, description and supplier sku only.

SKU: Follow your internal SKU format
TTB ID: Should be the same as the SKU (required for wine)
Active: Select to activate the SKU
Allow Negative: Do not check this, unless you want to allow inventory to deplete beyond what is available
Description: This is the product name (i.e. 2011 Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml)
COGS: Not required but is available in cost reporting
Unit Volume: Select from dropdown
Bottles in Case: Enter how many bottles (units) are in each case 
Supplier SKU: Enter the same as the SKU field
Alcohol %: Enter alcohol % if it's a wine product, this data is available in compliance/data exports
Varietal: Select from dropdown
Vintage: Enter vintage of product
Terroir: optional
Release Date: User to track pre and post release revenue
Organic: optional
Notes: optional

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