Staging (Receiving new Inventory)

Before stocking inventory items into a location, they first must be  staged.  Staging allows for bulk additions into a location from an off-site storage facility. 

Permission Required:  To access the inventory settings, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: 
1. primary access to the Product menu
2. and permission to access the sub-menu option for  Inventory.
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To use the Staging/Receiving tools, first set up the Source Locations.  These are typically warehouses where post-production new inventory is stored prior to becoming available for retail sales. To set up a new inventory source, navigate to Products > Inventory > Admin > Sources.  Then, use the New Source link to create warehouse locations that are not directly tracked for inventory in eCellar. 

Example of Source Listings

Inventory Staging

Staging inventory is a list of on-order SKUs that will be received into a location.  To Stage inventory go to:   Products > Inventory > Staging / Receiving.  We think it's best to create a staging order at the same time the transfer request or bill-of-lading is sent to a warehouse.          


Enter the order details and SKUs for Staging:

- Select each SKU
- Source
- Order Date
- Expected receiving date
- And corresponding Order or PO number

As each SKU is added to the staging order, a list will be created in the Receiving section. 


Receiving the Order into a Location

- Once the order is received, confirm the counts of each SKU by checking the box and completing units received.   
- Then select the location to transfer units into, and click Transfer

Each SKU has now been stocked into the destination location.  If the linked product is enabled for POS and/or web sales it is now available for sale with replenished inventory. 

Partially Receive an Order into Different Locations

To receive only part of an order into a single location, select only the SKUs to receive, and enter the unit quantity to transfer into the selected location.  It is not required to receive all SKUs in a single inbound transaction.  Also, each SKU can be partially received into one location, then the remaining amount can be received into a different location. 

The remaining balance of the staged order will still be available to receive in an new transaction, into a different location.

Transfer Product Received into Other Locations

Once a SKU has been added into a single location, use the SKU transfer page to select the From and To locations, and enter the quantity to move.  This is helpful if inventory needs to be split between two different internal locations. 

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