Inventory Adjustments and Transfers

Adjustments are used to add or subtract inventory counts of a SKU in  Available and On Hand status.  Typically, adjustments occur at the end of each month to record removal of product that has not been referenced in a sales transaction, or to receive new product into a location from a storage facility that is not tracked in eCellar. (See also Staging and Receiving Inventory.)   Manual inventory adjustments can be done several ways within the inventory module.  

Permission Required:  To access the inventory settings, your user account must be enabled with two permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Product menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the sub-menu option for  Inventory

Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Adjust SKU Count within a Location

To adjust inventory of a SKU within a location, navigate using the Admin Control Panel (ACP) Toolbar to: Products > Inventory > Show Inventory > By Location


View all Locations

When viewing inventory in all locations, select the desired location.


Viewing Inventory in a Location

To make an adjustment, use the [+] and the [-] symbols in the Adjust column. 

  • [+] is for a positive adjustment
  • [-] is for a negative adjustment

In the Adjustment page, the selected SKU will be automatically populated, and the transaction will default to a standard addition or subtraction. 
Enter the Units to adjust and make a note for the reason.  Notes can be referenced in a transaction history report, and can be helpful when troubleshooting a mistake or an incorrect month-end reconciliation. 

Adjust inventory Tool

Another pathway to the SKU adjustment page is Products > Inventory > Admin > Adjustments.  This is a blank adjustment page and will require a selection on every field. 

Transfer a SKU

To transfer inventory of a SKU from one location to another, first determine what SKU to transfer and how many units. Next determine the location the SKU will be moved from and the location it will be moved to.  Navigate using the Admin Control Panel (ACP) Toolbar to:  Products > Inventory > Show Inventory > By SKU

Select the desired SKU.

When viewing the individual SKU details, all inventory will display across each location. Use the Transfer column to select the toggle for the original location to transfer from, and the location to transfer to
Enter the total units (in bottles).

Another pathway to transfer inventory can be accessed by navigating to: Products > Inventory > Admin > Transfer.  This tool is a blank form to select a SKU, and each location and how many units to transfer. 

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