View Inventory

Inventory can be viewed two ways.  

  1. To see inventory totals for all SKUs across all locations, go to 
    Products > Inventory > Show Inventory > By SKU
  2. To view inventory within a single location navigate to
    Products > Inventory > Show Inventory > By location

When viewing inventory, there are four columns representing the status of each SKU.

Defining the 4 columns of inventory

  • On Hand – The physical quantity in possession, which includes non-purchased plus  purchased and unshipped product. 
  • On HoldCurrently not in use, and is built as a placeholder for a new wholesale module.    
  •  Invoiced – All product that are invoiced but that are unshipped or not picked up.    
  • Available – is the On Hand total less the Invoiced total, which is product available for sale.

View All Inventory by Location

Total inventory of all SKUs within each location.  To see the specific detail of one Location, click the Location Name.

View Inventory within a Location

Within a single location, view all available SKUs

View All Inventory by SKU

Across all locations, view available inventory for each SKU.

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